In an emergency, every second matters. Blocked, concealed, or difficult-to-access fire hydrants can impede emergency fire response.

Fire trucks carry a finite amount of water, so one of responders’ first tasks upon arrival locating a water supply from the nearest hydrant. Hydrants covered in snow can be difficult to locate, and uncovering them can waste valuable time needed during a fire fight.

You can help reduce the risk by keeping nearby fire hydrants accessible and clear of ice and snow. Although there are few rules concerning who should clear hydrants, it’s generally considered the responsibility of the residents occupying property near a hydrant. 

In addition to removing snow and debris covering the hydrant, Barrie Fire recommends clearing the area around the hydrant for easier access. Hydrants should have a clearing of one metre (3 ft.) all around and there should be a clear path to the street to ensure firefighters can readily access them.  

If you need assistance with hydrant snow removal please contact Water Operations at 705-792-7920 or WaterOperations@barrie.ca

Consider the following:

  • Barrie receives a heavy annual snowfall and while the City makes every effort to clear snow from fire hydrants, it’s important to take matters into your own hands to help keep hydrants clear.
  • The owners or occupants of rental units or buildings are responsible for keeping hydrants on or fronting their properties clear.
  • Consider helping elderly friends, neighbours or those with medical conditions keep their fire hydrants clear.