Opening the Cottage

It’s important to think about fire safety & prevention when you’re opening up your cottage for the season. Consider the following tips to make sure you enjoy a safe and relaxing summer:

Power lines

Visually inspect the power lines leading to your cottage. Look for any tree limbs that are too close. If any limbs are touching the lines or might break off onto the lines, prevent any danger by having them cut back. This should be done before turning on the service to your cottage.

Propane appliances

Propane appliances that have been sitting for the entire winter can be hazardous if they are not maintained properly. Have them serviced by a qualified technician before using them.

Smoke alarms

Have a working smoke alarm outside any room designed for sleeping. Give yourself that early warning so you can escape safely. Always bring spare batteries to replace the old ones and replace any smoke alarms that experienced severe cold during the winter months.

Fire extinguishers

Response times for Fire Departments could be lengthy depending on the location of your cottage, so have a fire extinguisher there just in case. Big fires start small and can be extinguished before they destroy your cottage. Place extinguishers by the exit so that you have the option of leaving if the fire is growing too fast. Don’t be a hero! If the fire is too big leave, let the professionals handle it. The cottage can be rebuilt, you can’t. It is recommended to use a minimum 10lb ABC extinguisher for your cottage.