Garbage Collection

Municipal garbage collection occurs as per Barrie's curbside collection schedule. Please sort your waste for collection and have it curbside by 7am.

Do not Dispose of Lithium Ion Batteries​ Curbside

Lithium ion batteries (from cell phones, drones, remote control cars, power tools etc.) cannot be disposed of in curbside garbage or recycling because doing so poses a serious fire hazard and safety threat to curbside collectors and anyone in the vicinity of collection vehicles. Please dispose of these items safely at the Household Hazardous Waste Facility, located at the landfill site.

Collection Schedule

​Garbage is collected every other week in Barrie, with different areas having pickup on different days. Normal curbside collection occurs on Remembrance Day, Easter Monday and Boxing Day. All other holidays affect the collection schedule.

Garbage Limits, Municipal Curbside Collection

Additional bags or cans over the below limits will be collected in your collection week if a City of Barrie garbage tag is affixed to each additional unit. Tags are to be placed around the neck of the garbage bag or on the top of the garbage inside the can (not on the can itself). Alternatively, garbage can be disposed of at the landfill for a fee.

Garbage Can/Bag Size

The City currently has a manual curbside collection system, which means drivers have to physically lift the garbage into the truck. All residents must ensure that their garbage is placed at the curbside (by 7am on their collection day) in a proper container or standard-sized bag.

If your container or bag does not meet the below specifications, it will not be picked up. Larger containers are not suitable for our manual collection system because the drivers are not able to safely lift them. Also, for health and safety reasons collectors are not permitted to reach into a container to remove the contents.

Garbage Tags for Sale

Garbage tags are available for purchase at the following locations. The City does not limit the number of establishments that can sell tags. Adequate stock levels are locations' responsibility. Please contact individual establishments to confirm availability.

Frequently Asked Questions