Organics Collection

Changes Coming to the Curb 

As per Barrie's collection schedule, unlimited green bins are collected curbside every week. Please remember to sort your waste for collection and have it curbside by 7am.

Organics Program Benefits

  • Helps extend the life of Barrie’s landfill
  • Helps Barrie meet the Ministry of Environment’s waste diversion goal, by helping to divert everyday household organic waste from the landfill.
  • Creates nutrient rich compost
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions

Collection Schedule

Residential households receive unlimited collection of organics bins every week in Barrie, with different areas having pickup on different days. Multi-residential buildings (6 units or more) receive organics according to the Multi-Residential Collection Calendar. Normal curbside collection occurs on Remembrance Day, Easter Monday, and Boxing Day; all other holidays affect the collection schedule. 

Getting a Green Bin

Damaged bins can be returned to the landfill (272 Ferndale Drive North) where they are recycled free of charge.

Accepted Organic Items & Bin Liners

Please use the item lookup tool to look up specific items if not listed below. Organics bins must not exceed 20kgs (45lbs) per bin when placed out for collection.

Frequently Asked Questions