By-law Enforcement

The Enforcement Services branch of the Legislative and Court Services department is located at 45 Cedar Pointe Drive. Enforcement Services monitors compliance with by-laws and takes action when necessary. 

In 2023, Enforcement Services is taking a more proactive and zero-tolerance approach to enforcement of City by-laws, which may include issuing warnings, fines, and court proceedings in some cases. 

Learn about Common Infractions

Staff take reports regarding all by-law violations at 705-739-4241 and Callers may need to leave a message. Enforcement Services staff retrieve messages from this number:

  • 7 days/week, 7:30am–11pm from April through November.
  • 24/7 from December through March. 

Outside of these hours, please call the Barrie Police non-emergency line to report infractions at the time of incident: 705-725-7025.

Did you know? 

Enforcement Services addresses an average of 50,000–70,000 items annually. Watch the February 15 presentation to the Community Safety Committee to learn about what Enforcement Services does, types of enforcement matters, and service review/enhancements:

Property Standards Enforcement

Property Standards Officers have the responsibility to administer and enforce property standards by-laws within Barrie. Property Standards Officers are appointed, by by-law, as both Property Standards Officers and Building Inspectors under the authority of the Building Code Act. Please see Property Standards By-law for more information.

FAQs re By-law Enforcement

Below are questions received frequently regarding by-law enforcement. Please refer to  the By-laws Listing for information about individual by-laws.