Maps & GIS

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provide the means to represent, analyze, describe and interpret information. This allows for better decision-making, more effective means to manage assets, improved communication through visual tools, and improved productivity by leveraging technology and self-service tools.

The City's Geographic Information Systems Vision: “We will build GIS into everything we do to effectively manage our City."

GIS plays an integral role in City planning, building and development, asset management, infrastructure design and renewal, fire dispatching, capital project planning, identifying infrastructure locations, municipal elections, property assessments, and much more.

Open Data Portal

The Open GIS Data Portal provides residents, visitors, business owners and investors a means to easily find, access and view information through the use of maps and mapping technology.

Discover Barrie

Use our interactive web map, Discover Barrie, to find information about wards and councillors, waste collection, zoning, parking, snow removal, parks, points of interest, and much more! Below you will find shortcuts to available maps for viewing.