Affordable Housing Development Grant Program

Planning & Building

The Affordable Housing Development Grant Program is one of three incentive programs offered under through the Community Improvement Plan (CIP).

The purpose of this grant is to incentivize the development of purpose-built rental units, affordable housing units (rental or ownership) or the provision of a minimum of 25% of units within a development being provided at market rates, that meet the definition of “affordable” herein, and those units will be registered and maintained as affordable for a minimum of 20 years.

Program incentives are detailed within the Community Improvement Plan (PDF)

Eligibility Requirements

The Affordable Housing Development Grant is available to property owners that meet one or more of the following eligibility criteria:

  1. The project is proposing to provide greater than three affordable housing units.
  2. The project is providing emergency housing, transitional housing, social housing or affordable not-for-profit charitable home ownership or is providing other creative housing solutions to help house the hardest to house of Barrie’s population.
  3. The project is proposing affordable housing units with pricing geared entirely to the low and low to moderate income (i.e. households with an annual household income in the lowest 40th percentiles) to address the current gap in the housing spectrum in Barrie.
  4. The project is proposing purpose-built rental residential units.

Any proposal meeting one or more of the eligibility criteria above, must also meet all of the following:

  1. The proposed development is meeting or exceeding the City’s official plan density requirements of people and jobs per hectare;
  2. The proposed development has demonstrated, to the satisfaction of the City of Barrie, the close proximity (i.e. within 600m) to transit facilities (including the South Barrie or Allandale GO Station, Barrie Transit Terminal and/or transit bus route or bus stop);
  3. The proposal has demonstrated, to the satisfaction of the City of Barrie, that there are adequate and available municipal services (i.e. including sewer, water and storm water) and utilities with appropriate capacity to service the proposed development;
  4. The proposed development includes Green Energy Design Elements for energy efficiency and long-term savings, to the satisfaction of the City; and
  5. The proposed development incorporates architectural/building design excellence using materials

Apply Online

Applications for financial incentives can be submitted online via APLI, the City’s online application tool (Planning tab). Account creation and/or login are required. ​2022 application intake periods:

  • February 1 to April 30, 2022
  • July 1 – October 31, 2022​

The timing of making an application and any grant payouts are described within the Community Improvement Plan (PDF). All grant applications will be considered based on available funding. City Council approves an annual budget for these incentive programs. Approval of grants is delegated to a City staff committee, the Grants Review Group. City Planning staff make recommendations to the Grants Review Group. Construction of an approved project must commence within eighteen (18) months of the grant approval, with the issuance of a building permit, to be specified within the grant agreement between the property owner and the City.