Birth Registration & Certificates

Other Applications

The City of Barrie does not accept or process birth certificate applications. If required, hard copies of the birth certificate application form are available at the Service Ontario Centre at 34 Simcoe Street, Suite 102, or at the City of Barrie Clerk’s Office at 70 Collier Street.

ALL birth registrations for births that occurred after midnight on March 30 2009 are processed by the Office of the Registrar General. Documentation is provided to the parent(s) of the child at the time of the birth by the Royal Victoria Hospital or appropriate health professional.

Registering your child’s birth is the first step to giving your baby a legal identity. Once your baby’s birth is registered with the Province of Ontario, you will be able to apply for a birth certificate. The birth certificate is issued by the Province of Ontario and must be applied for separately. Parents may submit registration through ServiceOntario.