Bright Futures Barrie Grant

Recreation & Community

The Bright Futures Barrie (BFB) Strategy, currently under development, will focus on supporting sustainable community programs targeted to individuals aged 6–26 years old that strengthen community bonds and employment prospects, support success at school, and promote pro-social activities such as sports, arts and culture.

The City accepted applications from eligible organizations for the Bright Futures Barrie Grant until Thursday, February 15, 2024. The grant will provide funding to stakeholder organizations offering services within Barrie that provide a new or enhanced community-based initiative to support at-risk children, youth, and young adults through prevention/intervention of the root causes of violence including weapons and participation in gangs. 

Eligibility & Criteria  

Funding is available to organizations that provide services within Barrie and have a track record of positive impact. Proposed initiatives needed to be new or enhanced and be modeled after the four key principles identified in the BFB Grant Guidelines.   

If funding for an existing initiative was requested, the organization must describe enhancements that will be provided with the funding. For example: new population served, new delivery model, additional staff support to be able to engage additional participants etc.  

If your request included working in partnership with another organization, for example, a school board, a letter of intent from the partner was required. The adjudication panel will review the application to ensure that the program/initiative is able to be implemented as outlined.​​​​​

Guiding Principles

The awarding of funding to successful applicants through the Bright Futures Barrie Grant is guided by four key principles:

How to Apply 

Applications were accepted until 4:30pm on Thursday, February 15, 2024. Applicants were required to submit a completed application form and financial submission spreadsheet. Incomplete or late applications will not be reviewed. The BFB Grant Guidelines remain available for reference. 


All applications are examined in the context of the Bright Futures Barrie guiding principles and eligibility. Applications are evaluated, using a scoring matrix by an adjudication panel comprised of City staff and a representative from the Barrie Police Service. Each year, the composition of the adjudication panel may change as deemed necessary.