Property Taxes

The majority of the City's money comes from residential and commercial property taxes. Other sources of revenue include user fees, development charges, grants & subsidies from other levels of government and contributions from reserves. ​

Residential property tax bill funds are allocated to City serv​​ices, education, and the City’s service partners. Learn about where your money goes.​

Property Tax Billing Notices

Tax billing notices are mailed to property addresses unless otherwise advised. If you would like these notices mailed to a different address, please complete and submit a Mailing Address Change FormThis will only change your mailing address with the City of Barrie. You must also provide mailing address changes to MPAC.

Property Tax Payment Options

The City encourages property owners to join the Pr​e-Authorized Payment Plan for a convenient, worry-free and secure way to pay property taxes.

Property Tax Rebate, Adjustment, & Deferral Programs

Charitable organizations, low-income older adults, and low-income persons with disabilities may be eligible for a property tax rebate or deferral. Owners of properties that experienced a change during the year may be eligible for a tax adjustment.

Property Tax Rates & Fees

Council Motion 24-G-094 established the tax rates to be used in determining the municipal portion of your 2024 property tax bill. The 2024 tax rates are based on the budgetary requirements approved in the 2024 Business Plan & Budget.

Property Tax Calculator

The City has developed a tool that provides an estimated amount of property tax you will pay and the distribution of your municipal taxes. This tool is intended for the convenience of property owners only.

Calculate your Property Taxes

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