Spring, Summer & Fall Road & Sidewalk Maintenance

The Operations department works year-round to maintain 1370 lane km road and 570 km of sidewalks throughout Barrie, to ensure safe and enjoyable transportation. This page contains information about curbs & sidewalks maintenance, potholes, and street sweeping.

Curbs & Sidewalks


The City maintains approximately 1370 lane kilometres of road, and crews regularly patrol streets to identify potholes and other road deficiencies; but potholes can develop daily when temperatures begin to hover around zero degrees. The City does not repair potholes in driveways and private parking lots.

Potholes usually occur in the spring when frost develops and snow is melting, and usually develop on the side of the road. Residents are warned to be careful when going through puddles because they can hide potholes. By reporting potholes​, you can help ensure that they are repaired in a timely manner.

Street Sweeping

Road Operations staff conduct the annual spring street sweeping program to clean all City streets of sand deposited during winter road maintenance, and other debris.

Spring street sweeping improves water quality and the environment by removing pollutants that can be transferred to downstream water bodies through urban runoff through the storm sewer system. The Street Sweeping Program also improves the cleanliness and aesthetics of City streets and parking lots.​

Street Sweeping FAQs