Street Trees

The City is committed to beautifying and improving the urban environment through the introduction of trees on City-owned road right-of-ways. Each year, the City undertakes a Street Tree Pruning Program.

Street trees are planted on the area of City-owned land between the property owner’s front property line and the street curb. These areas can be:

  • on the boulevard (between the sidewalk and the curb). 
  • within a set distance from the curb, in instances where there is no sidewalk. Note this distance varies and is dependent on the individual property limits.

As such, these trees are municipal property and requests for maintenance or planting can be made via Service Barrie.

Street Tree Watering Program

Tree watering bags are being provided to residents who are willing to help water a newly planted boulevard tree, which need to be watered regularly once a week from May to October. This will create and sustain a healthy urban forest in Barrie. 

Street Tree Pruning Program

Between May and October each year, the Forestry department undertakes a Street Tree Pruning Program, pruning approximately 3500 street trees as part of maintenance requirements for clearance from streets, lights, signs, sidewalks, lawns, as well as to remove crowded branches, structurally weak branches, dead branches, etc. The primary purpose of the program is tree health and public safety.

2022 Pruning Schedule / Locations

The City contracts out the pruning of street trees within different areas. 

Street Tree Pruning FAQs