Barrie Transit Bus Service

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Barrie Transit offers conventional service and specialized transit services for people with mobility restrictions. General transit information and frequently asked questions are included on this page. ​

Transit staff work to inform riders of service impacts, and keep the public informed about initiatives and projects that support Transit ridership.

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Do you have feedback on Barrie Transit? All feedback, including concerns and compliments, relating can be reported to the appropriate staff via Service Barrie Online.

Quick Guide to Using Barrie Transit

Barrie Transit operates a total of 10 two-directional routes with exact fare or passes accepted. The “A” or “B” in the route number (ex. 1A) indicates the travel direction of the route. Visit for interactive trip planning tools or consult Schedules & Maps to view individual route details.

Barrie Transit Terminal

The Transit Terminal is located downtown at 24 Maple Avenue and open seven days a week from 7am–10pm. The amount of people allowed in the terminal at the same time is controlled to ensure customers can maintain a 2-metre distance from each other.

Barrie Transit ON Demand​

Transit ON Demand​ is a Barrie Transit service without a fixed schedule or route. The bus travel is optimized by a computer-based upon rider trip requests. TOD operates within a specific zone allowing riders to travel from bus stop to bus stop within the zone on demand.

MagnusCards Makes Transit Experience More Accessible

Barrie Transit offers MagnusCards, a free app featuring digital guides to support travelers with cognitive special needs for easier, stress-free mobility throughout Barrie. These cards break down Barrie Transit processes into simple, manageable steps to allow for predictability in an unfamiliar environment, promote independence, build confidence, and enhance safety and sense of inclusion.

Using MagnusCards is easy:

  1. Download MagnusCards for free from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Create a free account.
  3. Select ‘Travel’ and find Barrie Transit in the list of service partners.
  4. Download the card deck for the task you are interested in.
  5. Read and follow the instructions.

The five card decks feature pictures from Barrie Transit paired with simple text and audio that clearly outline necessary steps for tasks including: buying passes, planning a trip, how to ride the bus, staying safe and getting help, and understanding the transit map.

Transit-Related Initiatives & Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

Transit Advertising Opportunities

Advertising opportunities are available on the exterior and interior of Barrie Transit buses, bus shelters and on benches with advertising panels at bus stops. Get in touch about advertising.