Driver for Hire, Rideshare & Taxicabs

The transportation industry, comprised of driver for hire, rideshare and taxicab companies, provides many options to get around our city. With ever-increasing choice for residents and visitors, this page includes information on Barrie's currently licensed transportation companies, how they're regulated, and tips for a smooth ride.  

Helpful Tips

Whether you’re a first time rider or a seasoned passenger, here are some tips to help ensure your ride runs smoothly:

  • Confirm the rate for your ride before getting in;
  • If you are concerned with the rates you were charged, contact the company;
  • If you feel a driver acted inappropriate towards yourself, other cars or pedestrians, contact the City to report it at (705) 739-4241; and
  • If you are concerned that a vehicle is unsafe, contact the City to report it at (705) 739-4241.

Licensed Transportation Companies


A taxicab company provides cars that carry passengers to a place for an amount of money based on the distance traveled. The following taxicab companies are licensed to operate in Barrie:

Driver for Hire 

A driver for hire company provides drivers who carry a passenger in the passengers’ own vehicle. The following driver for hire companies are licensed to operate in Barrie:

Rideshare/Private Transportation

A rideshare (or private transportation) company provides drivers who carry passenger in the driver’s own vehicle for a fee, often arranged by website or app. The following rideshare companies are licensed to operate in Barrie:

Taxicab Stands

The City and Downtown Barrie BIA have worked together to provide late evening taxicab parking spaces in the downtown core. Taxicab stands are designated parking stalls that provide the following benefits: 

  • to safely and efficiently move patrons to and from nearby establishments located within the core;
  • to reduce the negative impacts to traffic operations along busy roadways; and
  • to reduce the potential for driving while under the influence.

The stands are in effect for late evening operation. View a detailed map (PDF) of the parking spaces and hours of operation.

For more information on taxicab stands, please contact Justin MacDonald at 705-739-4220 x 5178 or