Stormwater Management

The water quality of Lake Simcoe and its tributaries is fundamental to the quality of life we enjoy in Barrie. The City has a responsibility to mitigate flooding and protect bodies of water from any harmful stormwater runoff.

Managing stormwater allows us to control flooding and reduce pollution. In undeveloped areas, rainfall and melted snow soak into the ground and into natural creeks. In developed areas, rainfall and melted snow travel more quickly over roof tops, driveways and roads while collecting pollutants like dirt, oil, fertilizer, grass-clippings, pet waste, litter etc., and carrying them to our local creeks and Lake Simcoe.

Stormwater Management Goals

Stormwater management goals include environmental protection and public safety objectives such as:

  • Ensuring the health and safety of area residents and preventing the loss of life and minimizing property damage due to flooding, erosion, steep slopes and unstable soils.
  • Protecting and enhancing the water quality and environmental, aesthetic and recreational potential of the City's watercourses, Little Lake and Kempenfelt Bay.
  • Ensuring stormwater management practices minimize stormwater peak flows and contaminant loads and maintain or increase the extent of vegetative and pervious surfaces.

Stormwater Asset Management Plan

The Stormwater Asset Management Plan outlines the current state of Barrie's stormwater infrastructure, and highlights the costs associated with the City's responsibility to mitigate flooding and protect bodies of water from any harmful stormwater runoff. 

Storm Sewers

The municipal storm sewers collects rainwater and surface water runoff from roads and parking lots into natural channels and catch basins (storm grates) and transports it to various points in Kempenfelt Bay. Water that enters a storm drain is NOT treated to remove pollutants; it is important not to dispose of any waste materials into any storm water collection point. Please help protect our drinking water sources.

Pilot Program: LittaTraps Installation

The City of Barrie has installed LittaTraps in catch basins, undertaking a pilot program to catch litter before it enters city select storm​water drains, to help protect Lake Simcoe.

Stormwater Management Ponds

If you live near a pond in the Barrie, there is a good chance that it is a stormwater management pond. The City currently operates 95 stormwater management ponds of varying size and complexity.

Stormwater management ponds are a type of stormwater asset owned by the City. We undertake projects to maintain these assets. Surface water from rain, snow melt and runoff from watering lawns and washing cars drains into our storm sewers and is collected into stormwater management ponds before it is released to an adjacent watercourse.

These ponds are designed to improve the overall quality of stormwater runoff from urban areas before it is released into our creeks, streams and lakes. Stormwater management ponds sometimes provide habitat for turtles, frogs, fish and migratory birds.

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