On December 6, 2021, Council approved a 2022 tax increase of 2.94%, which was below the rate of inflation. The operating budget of $392 million will deliver city services, and a capital budget of $346 million will be used to continue replacing and building more of Barrie’s roads, pipes and buildings. Learn more.

Budget Highlights

The 2022 budget includes:​

Proposed 2022 Business Plan & Budget 

See amendments to the proposed 2022 Business Plan & Budget.

Proposed 2022 Operating BudgetPages
Table of Contents​ (PDF)--
Executive ​Summary​ (PDF)(1-8)
Budget & Financ​ial O​​​​vervi​ew​ (PDF)(9-53)
Service Areas - Operating Budget - Tax Rate​ (PDF)(54-218)
Service Areas - Operating Budge​t - User Rate (PDF)(219-228)
Service Partner Budget Support​ (PDF)(229-269)
​New Investment & Service Recommendations (PDF)(270-291)
Proposed Fee Changes (PDF)(292-333)
​Glossary​ (PDF)(334-​341)
Proposed 2022 Capital BudgetPages
Table of Contents (PDF)--
Capital Plan Overview (PDF)​​(1-18)
Capital Plan​ 2022-2031 (PDF)(19-39)
Capital Plan Project Details​ (PDF)(40-247)