Development Projects

City earns top spot for approving and developing new housing

There are a number of development applications currently moving through the City's Development Review Process. Once approved, development projects involve the building of new residential and/or commercial sites by developers.

Approved developments listed below have each gone through the City’s Development Review Process and received all necessary Planning approvals in accordance with final plans, but have not yet received final site inspection.

1005, 1025 Big Bay Point Rd & 3320 20th Sideroad Keymap
Ward: 10
Applicant: 1597229 Ontario Inc. (Blue Sky)
Status: Approved
101 Kozlov St Keymap
Ward: 4
Applicant: Green Valley Construction Corporation
Status: Approved
1012 Yonge St
Ward: 9
Applicant: Innovative Planning Solutions Inc. on behalf of Crown (Barrie) Developments Inc.
Status: Proposed, Under Review
105 107 109 111 Edgehill Drive
Ward: 5
Applicant: Innovative Planning Solutions c/o Darren Vella
Status: Proposed, Under Review
Rendering of the development project located at 108, 116, 122 Harvie Rd
Ward: 6
Applicant: Jones Consulting Group Ltd. on behalf of ASA Development Inc.
Status: Proposed, Under Review
Ward: 8
Applicant: North American (Park Place) Development
Status: Proposed, Under Review
Rendering of the development project located at 10–24 Grove Street W
Ward: 2
Applicant: MHBC Planning
Status: Proposed, Under Review
111 Bay Lane
Ward: 8
Applicant: Bay Lane Estates Limited
Status: Proposed, Pending Application Submission
114 Blake St
Ward: 1
Applicant: Innovative Planning Solutions (on behalf of 2055065 Ontario Inc.)
Status: Proposed, Under Review