680 Lockhart Road (Phase Two: Southern Half)

Rainsong Land Development Inc.

Application 1
Zoning By-law Amendment
Application 1 Received
Application 1 Status
Proposed, Under Review
Application 1 File #

Application 2
Plan of Subdivision
Application 2 Received
Application 2 Status
Proposed, Under Review
Application 2 File #

About the Proposed Development

The purpose of the Zoning By-law Amendment application is to replace the former Agricultural General (AG) zoning on the subject lands carried over from the Town of Innisfil Zoning By-law (054-04) by virtue of the Barrie-Innisfil Boundary Adjustment Act. If approved, the amendment would rezone the subject lands to Neighbourhood Residential (R5), Neighbourhood Mixed Use Exception (NMU)(SP-XXX), Educational Institutional Exception (I-E)(SP-556) and Educational Institutional Exception (I-E)(SP-XXX).

The Draft Plan of Subdivision application would facilitate a subdivision comprised of single-detached dwellings, semi-detached dwellings, street townhouses and two institutional blocks set aside for future schools. The dwelling unit breakdown for the proposed development is as follows:

  • 194 Single-detached dwelling units
  • 118 Semi-detached dwelling units
  • 147 Street Townhouse dwelling units

This information relates to phase two of the development at 680 Lockhart Road. Learn about the first phase of the project.

Review Process Key Dates

Public Meeting
Tuesday May 3, 2022, 7:00pm
Planning Committee Meeting
Date to be determined
Council Meeting
Date to be determined

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