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A digital waterfront permit or hangtag waterfront pass is required to park for free at specific waterfront areas. You can park without a pass/permit for $10/hour with a daily max of $50 in waterfront parking areas, enforced 24/7/365.

As of May 2, 2022, residents and non-residents can apply for the digital waterfront parking permit through the HotSpot app or website (see instructions). The hangtag pass system is being phased out, and all hangtag passes for Barrie residents will expire December 31, 2023, giving residents almost two years to replace the pass with a free digital waterfront parking permit.

The digital waterfront parking permit is free for Barrie residents. There is no cost for residents to use the HotSpot app or website to get their digital permit, and no payment information is required. 

Each digital permit is tied to a specific licence plate. Enforcement Services officers can verify if the parked vehicle has a permit through the licence plate number.

Digital Permit Benefits

  • no limit to the number of permits residents can register for, offering flexibility to register each vehicle (provided that the vehicle is registered to a Barrie address).
  • no risk of losing a hangtag or having to remember to transfer between vehicles.
  • no fee for extra permits. Previously, residents were charged $20 for third or additional waterfront passes.
  • expanded customer service through HotSpot’s frontline support for technical concerns.
  • ability to apply anytime, anywhere for a waterfront parking permit. Residents need only apply once, then renew their permit when it expires after two calendar years. Once the permit is active, enjoy free parking at the applicable waterfront areas (there is no need to bring anything with you). 

Waterfront Parking Permit Cost & Expiry

Permit Holder's Residency  CostValidity Period
BarrieFreeTwo calendar years from date of issue. Example, a waterfront parking permit issued to a Barrie resident at any point in 2022 will expire on December 31, 2023.
Neighbouring municipality: Oro-Medonte, Essa, Innisfil or Springwater    $90One calendar year; applicants may reapply when permit expires. Example: A permit issued in 2022 will expire on December 31, 2022.
Non-neighbouring municipality    $130
One calendar year; applicants may reapply when permit expires. Example: A permit issued in 2022 will expire on December 31, 2022.

How to Apply for a Waterfront Parking Permit

The permit must be active before you are able to park for free at the applicable waterfront parking areas. The active permit will be listed in the “Permits” section of your account once approved.

Have the following documents ready. Once your application has been removed, your information is deleted and will not be stored.

  • Vehicle ownership document for each licence plate you are registering for (ensure licence plate number and address are visible)
  • Proof of address (examples: utility or water bill from within the last 60 days, lease agreement ​, cell phone bill from within the last 60 days, tax bill from current year, driver's licence)

If you are unable to use HotSpot or prefer to apply in person, please bring the required documentation to Service Barrie (City Hall, 70 Collier Street), where City staff will validate and set you up in HotSpot. Applications cannot be accepted/processed over phone or email.

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