Drinking Water Treatment & Distribution

The City is fortunate to have access to two sources of drinking water: groundwater from a deep aquifer and surface water from Kempenfelt Bay. Before reaching the consumer this water is treated to protect public health.

Backflow Prevention

The City is committed to protecting public health by implementing a Backflow Prevention Program, mandated to ensure that the municipal water supply is not compromised due to backflow incidents resulting from cross connections. Please refer to the Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control By-law.

Drinking Water Sources

The source of the water that comes out of your tap depends on where your live in Barrie. Groundwater comes from groundwater that is extracted from the ground by municipal wells. Surface water is obtained from Kempenfelt Bay through an intake pipe nearly 1km from shore and 22m deep. Access the interactive Water Supply Zones map to determine the source of water you receive.

Water Treatment Processes

Treatment of water depends on its source. Groundwater is naturally filtered through layers of rocky sediment and therefore requires less treatment than surface water. 

Water Distribution Infrastructure Maintenance

The City ensures that the infrastructure which directs water to your home is regularly ​maintained. As such, the distribution system, consisting of approximately 4,000 hydrants and 660 km of watermain, continues to reliably direct potable water to the community.​

Water Meters & Shut-Off Valves

Water meters are an important component of the municipal drinking water system. Please ensure your water meter and shut-off valve are always accessible, ready for use in case of an emergency.


Every year the City prepares reports in accordance with Safe Drinking Water Act regulations:

Hard copies of either ​document can be obtained under request at the Branch Administration Building, 20 Royal Parkside Drive, during normal business hours (8:30am–4:30pm, Monday–Friday)

Bulk Water Requests

The City's Water Operations Branch staff are available to assist residents and contractors with obtaining water in bulk supply.

Frequently Asked Questions