Sewer Use By-law

Bylaw No.

The Sewer Use By-law prohibits, regulates and inspects the discharge of water and sewage into Barrie’s sanitary and storm sewers. The by-law establishes limits for water quality parameters such as phosphorus, nutrients, and suspended solids. To maintain properly functioning sewers, hazardous substances such as paints and fuels must not enter the municipal sewer systems. Unacceptable discharges to sanitary and storm sewers could result in:

  • the release of harmful substances to Lake Simcoe.
  • damage to municipal infrastructure.
  • interference with normal operation of the WwTF.
  • Inability to re-use the treated sludge (biosolids) as an agricultural fertilizer.
  • threat to the health and safety of the public and City staff.

To ensure that this does not happen, discharges must be controlled at their sources.  All Industrial/Commercial/Institutional (ICI) businesses must complete a Sewer Use Report​​ which  furnishes information such as a description of operations, wastewater characteristics, disposal practises, spill prevention and schematic process diagrams. These reports assist the City to better understand and monitor ICI facilities. 

The Environmental Investigation and Response Section enforces the Sewer Use By-law for all residents and ICI  facilities through compliance inspections and monitoring.

Benefits of the Sewer Use By-law

  • Healthier aquatic environment
  • Protection of Lake Simcoe and its tributaries
  • Improved water quality
  • Safe conditions for recreational water activities
  • Continued beauty of local natural resource for citizens’ enjoyment

Discharge Agreement 

Discharge of water originating from a source other than the City’s Municipal Drinking Water System and leachate to the municipal sanitary sewer is prohibited unless authorized by a Discharge Agreement. See Discharge Agreement Application.