North Shore Trail Vegetation Management Plan Update

In Progress
Start Date
Spring 2022
Estimated Completion
Fall 2022

The North Shore Trail is a continuous 4-metre wide limestone path located on Kempenfelt Bay's northern shore. Constructed on the original rail bed extending from Mulcaster Street to Penetanguishene Road, the trail is the northern extension of Barrie’s existing waterfront trail and is classified as one of four main trail systems in the city.

Created in 2011, the North Shore Trail Vegetation Management Plan is used to implement vegetation maintenance work along the trail system, including views from the trail.

Working with a consultant, City staff have updated the plan with the following key considerations:

  • Improve the health and diversity of the existing vegetative community
  • Implement a plan for appropriate trimming, pruning and thinning of existing trees to create a vigorous tree cover over the long term
  • Remove invasive species (i.e. garlic mustard, phragmites, dog strangling vine) and manage sumac, virginia creeper and other similar species
  • Create views to the waterfront for those who use the trail
  • Plant new trees and shrubs in appropriate locations to enhance the vegetation community
  • Encourage growth of plants that support pollinator and bird habitats
  • Reduce the amount of erosion at Kempenfelt Bay
  • Create educational and interpretive signage

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