Dunlop Street: Kidd's Creek Culvert Replacement

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Road Construction
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City of Barrie and Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority staff collaborated to develop a solution to reduce the potential of flooding from Kidd's Creek at Dunlop Street.

The preferred solution is to implement an open channel designed to contain the 100-year storm event. 

Project Updates

July 7, 2022

Official Unveiling of Kidd's Creek Project

On the morning of July 7, 2022, Mayor Jeff Lehman was joined by Prabhat Batra, representative for MP Doug Shipley and Kenneth Cheney from the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority, to celebrate the recent completion of the Kidd’s Creek Culvert Replacement project. The new open channel creek will help to drastically reduce flooding. 

Main Goals

  • Protection of Public Safety and Property by Reducing Flooding
  • Improve the Quality of Water in Lake Simcoe
  • Increase Fish Habitat

Quick Facts

  • 1:100 year Storm Culvert and Channel Capacity
  • New 6m x 1.5m Dunlop Street Culvert
  • New Storm Grate and Culvert Extension at Bradford
  • 5 New Oil-Grit Separators for increased water quality
  • 214m of new storm sewer,
  • 317m of new sanitary pipe
  • 338m of new watermain,
  • 557 helical piles totaling 5,830m
  • +2000 plantings
  • $24.4M Total Project Costs
  • $3.5M National Disaster Mitigation Fund Grant

Project Features

The Drainage Master Plan Update (2019) has confirmed the findings of previous studies of Kidd’s Creek and indicated that conveyance improvements are recommended for the section of Kidd’s Creek in the vicinity of Dunlop Street, west of Parkside Avenue. This section of Kidd’s Creek is being daylighted north of Dunlop Street and between Dunlop Street and High Street. The open watercourse solution also has significant environmental effect. Daylighting Kidd’s Creek provides opportunities to work with partners such as the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority, MNRF and DFO to incorporate Low Impact Design (LID) drainage works and green infrastructure best practices to improve local storm water management issues.

The project includes:

  • Demolition of buildings (formerly Knights Inn, Sticky Fingers and Fisher Auditorium).
  • Construction of temporary access for Fire Hall No. 1 to Bradford Street
  • Creek realignment new open channel construction on the north and south sides of Dunlop Street
  • Sewer and watermain relocations/replacements on Dunlop Street from east of Eccles Street to Toronot Street and on High/Bradford Streets from Dunlop Street to north of Simcoe Street
  • Construction of new concrete culverts under Dunlop Street and Bradford Street
  • Road reconstruction/restoration within the project limits on Dunlop Street and Bradford Street
  • Utility relocations
  • Over 2000 plants were planted at the site, including native pollinators. The following species were planted at this project site:
White PinePurple-Flowering Raspberry 
Eastern White Cedar Canada Elderberry 
Serviceberry Nannyberry 
Red Maple Red Osier Dogwood 
Red Oak Sweet Gale 
Silver MapleSandbar Willow 
 Balsam Poplar Shining Willow
Common Ninebark Slender Willow 
Kidds Creek Culvert Replacement

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