Recreation & Sport Community Grant

Recreation & Community

On February 14, 2022, City Council approved $300,000 in funding for a pilot Recreation and Sport Community Grant Program to provide money to eligible sport or recreation organizations for programs, events or capital improvements.

Program Purpose

The purpose of the Recreation and Sport Community Grant Program is to provide funding support for programming, events, workshops, activities, and facilities which focus on building participation and engagement in recreation and sport to enhance the broader health and well-being of the community.

Funding Streams

Stream 1: Programming & Events

The Programming & Events funding stream provides funding to support new or innovative recreational and sport programming opportunities (including special one-time events, public workshops, or activities).

Stream 2: Capital Improvements

The Capital Improvements funding stream provides funding to support capital projects that build capacity in recreation and sport initiatives which engage more residents and/or provide better access to recreation and sport. This funding is designed to contribute to major asset purchases or improvements such as building renovations and upgrades, infrastructure repairs and improvements, major equipment purchases including installation, and major purchases or upgrades to technology systems

How to Apply

Applications for the 2022 program closed April 7, 2022. 

Please note:

  • Prior to applying, applicants are strongly encouraged to contact Dan Bell, Manager of Business Services, to discuss their program details. Dan can be reached at 705-739-4220 ext. 4352.
  • The acceptance of an organization’s application is not a guarantee of funding;
  • Organizations that have received funding in the past are not guaranteed funding in the future; this grant is not a source of ongoing funding;
  • Your application may be denied if your organization has any outstanding reporting requirements as set by the deadlines in any prior year’s grant agreement;
  • Your application may be denied if there are any outstanding payments due to the City of Barrie of any kind;
  • Funding applications must not be signed by City of Barrie employees or City Councillors;
  • Organizations that receive a grant under the Programming and Events funding stream may not apply for a grant under the Capital Improvement funding stream and vice versa.


All applications will be examined in the context of the City’s strategic goals, the assessment criteria and program priorities. Applications will be evaluated, using a scoring matrix unique to each stream, by an adjudication panel comprised of City staff from Recreation & Culture Services, Finance, and Economic & Creative Development departments, as well as a representative from Tourism Barrie. Each year, the composition of the adjudication panel may change as deemed necessary.

Guiding Principles in Administering Funds

The awarding of funding to successful applicants through the Recreation and Sport Community Grant is guided by three key principles:

Health & Well-being of ResidentsThe betterment of the physical and mental health and wellbeing of the community will be used as a guiding principle in evaluating applications. As such, applicants will be encouraged to show how their proposal supports the health and wellbeing of residents as measured by the application’s positive impact on the social determinants of health established by Public Health Canada. These determinants include personal health practices and coping skills, education, healthy child development, social environments, gender, and culture.
Inclusiveness & DiversityThis principle aims to ensure that all populations within the City of Barrie are provided improved access to recreational and sport activities. Successful applications must have, as one of their goals, improved access to these opportunities and services that support betterment of their health and general well-being. Consideration will be given to the breaking down of accessibility barriers for under-served and marginalized populations within the City.
Innovative & Collaborative ThinkingThis principle’s goal is to encourage applicants to collaborate in new and innovative ways with other organizations in the development and delivery of recreational and sport opportunities. Applicants will be encouraged to deliver existing, emerging, and new opportunities for recreation and sport using innovative methodologies and outside-the-box thinking.

Operating at Arm’s Length

The grant process operates at arm’s length from all political levels of government in awarding funds. It has full authority to make funding decisions within the priorities reflected in City Council’s strategic objectives of Growing Our Economy and Fostering a Safe and Healthy City. Funding decisions are directed to supporting and building capacity within recreation and sport as stated in the grant’s purpose. This ensures that decisions made are based on maximizing the benefit to the broader health and well-being of the community which will ensure fairness, transparency, and accountability.