Water/Wastewater Payment Plan Applications

Payment Plans

Two payment plans are available for water/wastewater bills: Pre-Authorized Payment (PAP) and Budget Billing.

Water/Wastewater Pre-Authorized Payment Plan 

Water/wastewater billing Pre-Authorized Payment (PAP) plans authorize the City of Barrie to process payments directly from a bank account you designate. Payments are equal to the actual amount due as billed, and are processed on the billing due date. 

Set up a Water/Wastewater PAP Plan

Water/Wastewater Budget Billing Plan

With the budget billing plan, equal monthly installments are automatically deducted each month from a bank account you designate. The withdrawal amount is determined based on the consumption history at the property. Customers on this plan continue to receive bills that reflect actual consumption.

Accounts are reconciled in September or October of each year and adjusted to reflect account balances at the time of reconciliation.

To sign up, complete the Water/Wastewater Budget Billing Plan form and return it using one of the following methods.