Boarding Lodging & Rooming (BLR) House Licence


Every boarding lodging & rooming house—small or large, new or existing—must be licensed by the City. 

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If you note a BLR house that is not licensed please contact Enforcement Services at 705-739-4241 or

For zoning and licensing purposes, BLR houses are defined as:

  • A dwelling where lodging is provided for one or more tenants where at least 1 of the tenant-occupied rooms is equipped with an external locking mechanism that prevents access to said room by the other house occupants when the room is unoccupied, or;
  • Lodging is provided for more than 4 tenants.
  • It does not include a group home, hotel, motel, hospital, children's home, assisted living facility, or a bed and breakfast establishment, or other similar establishments.

Licensing Requirements

Written verification that the BLR house is in compliance with the requirements of the Ontario Building Code, Fire Code and the City's Property Standards By-law must be provided to Enforcement Services.

Building Code requirements respecting fire and life safety for BLR houses are much more stringent than the requirements for single detached dwellings. Upgrading a single detached dwelling to a BLR house requires significant construction and has significant costs associated with that construction. 

How to Apply

Step 1: Obtain an application from Enforcement Services at 45 Cedar Pointe Drive, Barrie or by emailing

Step 2: Contact Service Barrie at or 705-726-4242 to arrange for Zoning and Building approvals, including a Building Permit (Change of Use) Application if required.

Step 3: Arrange for a property standards inspection and approval at the Enforcement Services Office (Additional User Fees Applicable)

Step 4: Arrange for a Fire Department inspection and approval -- call 705-728-3199 or attend 155 Dunlop St. W. Barrie (Additional User Fee Applicable) payable at time of inspection.

Step 5: Bring your completed application with all the required signatures and documentation back to Enforcement Services at 45 Cedar Pointe Drive, Barrie.

Your application must be accompanied by the following information about your building and property:

  1. Certificate of Inspection for Heating System (current within 5 years)
  2. Certificate of Inspection for Electrical System (current within 5 years) 
  3. Proof of Liability Insurance Coverage – minimum of $2 million dollars coverage
  4. Detailed Floor Plan: including dimensions of all rooms and living spaces
  5. Detailed Parking Plan: including all dimensions of parking spaces, setbacks from property lines and structures; sight lines etc.
  6. 24-hour contact information of Manager/Superintendent or other persons responsible for premises.​

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