2024 Asphalt Crack Sealing Program

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Road Construction
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The Asphalt Crack Sealing Program is an annual pavement preservation program. The focus of pavement management programs is to apply the right pavement maintenance strategy to the right road, at the right time. 

Crack sealing is performed early in a pavement's life-cycle on prioritized residential and arterial road segments. Cracks are sealed to reduce water movement through the pavement, which slows deterioration. It's a proven method in extending asphalt pavement service life.

The crack sealing operation involves:

  1. Enlarging the crack by a routing machine
  2. Removing of loose debris
  3. Injecting a hot liquified sealant to fill the crack

Project Updates

May 24, 2024

This year's Crack Sealing Program is now complete.

2024 Road Segments

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