Busker Permit

Arts & Culture

Busker permit applications are open until the end of 2023.

An evolution of the former Street Performers Program, the Busking Program pilot works together with the Emerging Artist Program to animate downtown Barrie.

This pilot program provides the opportunity for performing artists who are not eligible for the Emerging Artists Program due to their age, performance type, or availability, to receive a permit to busk at one of two branded “Busk Stops” in downtown Barrie in 2023. Staff will report to City Council about the pilot program in 2024.

Busk Stop Locations

Permit holders may busk at one of two dedicated Busk Stops in downtown Barrie. They are easily identifiable by ground stickers. The two locations are at the Barrie Marina Office at the transient docks and on the east side of Meridian Place.

Apply now for a Busker Permit

Applying for and obtaining a busker permit is free! Buskers should read the Barrie Busking Program Guide to understand the program and insurance requirements before applying.

Interested performers can apply for a Busker Permit through APLI, the City's online application portal. Before starting an application, have ready:

  • Contact information 
  • Information on the performance type (e.g. Poetry; Theatre; Magic; Juggling; Contortion; Strong Man; Illusions) 
  • Certificate of insurance for $2 million liability naming the Corporation of the City of Barrie as additional insured. If you do not already have insurance, you can purchase it through one of the City’s third-party providers.

Permit holders must review and agree to the Terms & Conditions prior to busking. Upon successful application, a Busker Permit will be issued for the permit holder to carry on them while busking.

Permit applications are reviewed between 8:30am–4:30pm, Monday–Friday. Applications received outside of those hours will be reviewed the next business day.