Winter Considerations for Curbside Collection

The winter can be challenging for curbside collection. Please note the following considerations during winter months.

Bin Placement

Please ensure bins are placed out of snow removal equipment path.

Please place your collection materials in a visible location at the end of your driveway on the right side (when facing the street) ensuring that the materials are placed well out of the path of snow removal equipment. 

If collection boxes/bins are hit by snow removal equipment and contents are spilled, it is the resident's responsibility to clean up the materials. Damaged recycling boxes and organics bins can be replaced for free by calling 705-739-4219.

Please ensure bins remain visible to collectors.

Should it snow or if snow removal equipment covers collection materials after they have been placed out for collection, it is the responsibility of the resident to remove the snow from their materials so they are accessible and visible to the collector.

Please do not place bins atop snowbanks.

Please do not place items on top of or behind snowbanks. Materials placed on a snowbank presents an unsafe, awkward reach for the collector and will not be collected. However, materials placed at the collect​or’s knee height (approximately 2 ft) are generally safe to collect.

Tips: Clear an area of snow from the boulevard or grass area at the end of your driveway and place materials there, as far from the road as possible without blocking the sidewalk. Stacking recycling boxes also helps if possible (so they are visible and take up a smaller footprint).

Bin Storage

Try to keep your recycling boxes, organics bin and garbage can in a dry area throughout the week so that materials do not freeze to the bottom or sides of the containers, and so that they are safe from snow build up.

Materials frozen to the recycling, organics or garbage containers may not be emptied. The collectors are required to lightly tap the containers to loosen material; however, there is a risk of damaging the containers if aggressive force is used in removing remaining materials.

Tip: Lining you organics bin with a fibre (e.g. paper) liner will help to prevent the contents from freezing to the bin.

Christmas Trees Collected Weekly in January

Christmas trees are collected weekly during the month of January on the regular waste collection day. Please ensure that trees are free of plastic wrap and decorations and are visible at the end of the driveway. Trees must not exceed 1.8m or 6ft in length. If it snows or snow removal equipment buries the tree after the tree has been placed out for collection, it is the responsibility of the resident to remove the snow so the tree is visible to the collector.