Traffic Monitoring

Staff monitor all major roadways daily to minimize traffic delays and disruption, using traffic signal software, video, and GPS technology to continuously monitor signals and flow along Barrie's major arterial and collector routes.

Video & Software

City staff monitor 60" screens displaying real-time information on traffic signals at major intersections. The software indicates whether traffic signals are functioning properly; crews are dispatched to repair malfunctioning signals.

Diagnostic Checks

Remotely-performed daily diagnostic checks on traffic signal equipment indicate disruptions in signal pattern (i.e. a fire truck overriding signal timing or a lightning strike), for which crews are dispatched to repair.


Real-time traffic-flow data, collected by GPS technology in City vehicles, are regularly collected and compared with previous results. Signal timing adjustments are made if necessary.  


The City’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provide information including Traffic Counts, Road Services and Road Closures. Click 'Map Content" on the upper left toolbar of Discover Barrie to change the information displayed.

Frequently Asked Questions