Traffic Signals & Signs

Traffic signals and signs direct the Right-Of-Way (ROW) for motorists and pedestrians by guiding and regulating traffic flow. City crews maintain existing signals and signs and install new ones when approved.  

Many factors are considered when coordinating signs and signals, including the distance between signalized intersections, pedestrian traffic, on-street parking, bus sto​ps, traffic volume, speed limit, left-turning traffic, and collision history​.

Report Concern with Traffic Signal or Sign

Traffic & Pedestrian Signals

Staff program traffic lights by time of day and day of week to optimize traffic flows throughout Barrie.​ Pedestrian signals help pedestrians cross at intersections with traffic signals. 

In addition to responding to the daily changes in traffic, Traffic Services routinely perform a comprehensive review of the timing at each traffic signal. This review considers the increased number of vehicles each year, changes to the roads, new roads, and traffic signals.

Stop Signs

Stop signs are designed to regulate vehicular and pedestrian ROW between two relatively equal roads with similar traffic volume. Ontario-wide criteria are used when evaluating the need for stop sign installation, including traffic volumes, collision history, intersection sightline visibility, and road geometry.

Stop signs installed in the wrong places for the wrong purpose usually create more problems than they solve. Download the all-way stop fact sheet to learn about common misconceptions and the community impacts of unwarranted all-way stops. 

Pedestrian Crossovers

Pedestrian crossovers were first installed in Barrie in 2021. Pedestrian crossovers are a type of traffic control that provide a way for pedestrians to cross the road easily and safely. They’re different from crosswalks because they'​re often at a stretch of road where there is no intersection. Pedestrian crossovers are located on Mapleview Drive East, Elmbrook Drive and Bell Farm Road. Learn the rules for pedestrian crossings.​

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