Traffic Calming

How would you invest in Barrie's road safety programs?

As part of City Council’s priority of community safety, and addressing speeding and aggressive driving, the City uses many traffic calming measures and road safety practices to keep our community and streets safe. 

Traffic calming is the installation of physical measures to alter negative motorist driving behaviour. The objective: achieve uniform driving patterns at reduced speeds on roads where lower speeds enhance safety and livability in neighbourhoods. Traffic-calmed streets improve residents’ quality of life and increase safety for active transportation.

Traffic Calming Policy

The Traffic Calming Policy outlines City’s overall approach to traffic calming. As a next step to the 2021 road safety public consultation, City staff are working on a review of the City's traffic calming policy to develop a strategy in addition to traffic calming measures. This will include a review of posted speed limits within residential local roadways in consultation with Barrie Police Service. 

Traffic Calming Methods

Effective traffic calming measures used throughout Barrie include radar speed advisory boards, police officer cut outs, road diets, speed cushions (temporary and permanent), temporary planters and flexible bollard islands. In 2023, the City also added two automated speed enforcement cameras.

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