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Water Meters & Shut-Off Valves

Water meters are an important component of the municipal drinking water system. Please ensure your water meter and shut-off valve are always accessible, ready for use in case of an emergency.

Water Meters

Every household, business, and facility connected to Barrie's municipal drinking water system is equipped with a water meter. This device accurately tracks water usage and ensures customers are being billed only for water that has passed through the meter.

The City's Water Operations B​ranch is responsible for installing and maintaining these meters, and for programs that improve their efficiency and reduce costs, including: water meter replacements, upgrades, reconditioning, and testing. 

Water Meter Features

  1. Counting mechanism: Counts only when water is flowing through the meter; stops when there is no flow through the meter.
  2. Leak indicator: This handy indicator may help you conserve water and save money by helping to identify a leaking tap or toilet.
  3. City of Barrie Label/Tag: this tamper-proof tag must always be affixed, and advises the owner/occupant of the building that the City-owned meter must always remain accessible. 

If you think your water meter is leaking​ or malfunctioning please contact Water Operations at (705) 792-7920 or​

Water Meter Readings (Smart Point)

The City reads water meters remotely using a Smart Point device installed on homes and buildings (most often on the outside). The Smart Point relays the reading from the water meter and sends it via radio wave frequency directly to the Water Billing department. Barrie's home​owners and business owners are therefore not disturbed by requests to access the meter for manual reading. You may request to have your Smart Point device moved; please contact Water Operations Branch at (705) 792-7920 or​ to book this free-of-charge service.

Internal Shut-Off Valves

Every household within Barrie is equipped with an internal shut-off valve. This belongs to the homeowner, but the City will repair or replace it for a fee. Please contact Water Operations at (705) 792-​7920 or for information and to book an appointment.​

This valve enables you to shut off your water supply in the event of doing home plumbing repairs or in the event of an emergency leak. Residents will have either a ball valve or gate valve. Typically the internal shut-off valve is located in the basement or crawl space area. Look for it near your hot water heater, water softener, or furnace.

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