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​Urban Forestry

The City of Barrie maintains numerous parks and trails, but Barrie's urban forest is largely in your hands. A healthy city needs a strong green infrastructure and more than 75% of the land in Barrie is privately owned; therefore, property owners play a vital role in sustaining our green city.

Get Involved!

Plants are being encouraged to revert back to their native state in specific park areas, and the City has pledged to plant 875 trees/shrubs and hold at least 15 planting events in 2022. Visit Naturalization Projects & Tree Planting Events for information.

Sunnidale Park Tree Walk

An online guided tree walk takes users on an interactive tour of Sunnidale Park’s forests. Resident and visitors can learn about the unique and diverse ecosystems in Barrie, how to identify tree species, and the importance of forests for wildlife.

Fencing Policy

Chain link fencing is installed between residential areas and natural areas to prevent private encroachments, pets from disturbing wildlife, and yard waste dumping (injurious to the roots of trees and plants and strictly prohibited). Residents are not permitted to damage City property by installing gates for personal access. Please report any damaged fencing to Service Barrie at (705) 726-4242 or

Prevent Forest Fires

Many forest fires occur in areas called urban interface zones where homes, buildings, or cottages are built into surrounding natural forested areas. These large natural areas are always at risk for forest fires and can be inaccessible to emergency vehicles and crews. Lighting fires within natural areas is strictly prohibited at ALL times. If you see a fire, CALL 911 immediately. Forest Fires Safety Information

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