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Age-Friendly Barrie

Age-friendly cities provide access to services that enable everyone, not just seniors, to live full and productive lives.

COVID-19 Information for Older Adults

In these challenging times the City of Barrie is working to support our older adult community with factual, timely and relevant communications. Staff have compiled  Vital COVID-19 Information for Older Adults, which includes quick tips for an older adult audience in Barrie.

Barrie’s Age-Friendly Plan

The City has developed an Age-Friendly Community Plan with assistance from a grant received from the Ontario Government.  An Age-Friendly Community is one where policies, services and facilities support older people to live in a secure environment, enjoy good health and continue to participate fully in their communities. Work on the plan included:

  • A needs assessment
  • A successful community forum was held
  • A discussion paper was circulated to gather further input. 

Please review the Final Report on our Age-Friendly Community Plan.  For more information on the plan going forward, please contact Cheryl Dillon at or 705-739-4220 Ext. 5237.

​Age-Friendly Barrie Initiative

Age-Friendly Barrie is a City initiative to improve the quality of life for Barrie residents in alignment with the World Health Organization's (WHO) Checklist of Essential Features of Age-Friendly Cities to identify gaps, needs and recommended action plans for eight (8) key areas including:

Outdoor Spaces & Buildings

The outside environment and public buildings impact the mobility, independence and quality of life of seniors and their ability to “age in place”. An Age-friendly Outdoor Spaces and Buildings Checklist may include: Environment, Green Spaces and Walkways, Outdoor Seating, Pavements, Roads, Traffic, Cycle Paths, Safety, Services, Buildings and Public Toilets.

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Accessible and affordable public transportation is important to the ability of seniors to access services and participate socially and civically. An Age-friendly Transportation Checklist may include: Affordability; Reliability and Frequency; Travel Destinations; Age-Friendly Vehicles; Specialized Services; Priority Seating; Transport Drivers; Safety and Comfort; Transport Stops and Stations; Information; Community Transport; Taxis; Roads; Driving Competence and Parking.

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Appropriate housing and access to community and social services allows seniors to age comfortably and safely within their community. An Age-friendly Housing Checklist may include: Affordability, Essential Services, Design, Modifications, Maintenance, Ageing in Place, Community Integration, Housing Options, and Living Environment.

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Recreation & Social Participation

Good health and well-being requires social participation and support throughout life. An Age-friendly Social Participation Checklist may include: Accessibility of Events and Activities, Affordability, Range of Events and Programs, Facilities and Settings, Promotion and Awareness of Activities, Addressing Isolation and Fostering Community Integration.

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Respect & Social Inclusion

It is important for all citizens, regardless of age, to feel respected, recognized and included. An Age-friendly Checklist may include: Respect and Social Inclusion Checklist includes: Respectful and Inclusive Services, Public Images of Ageing, International and Family Interactions, Public Education, Community Inclusion and Economic Inclusion.

Civic Participation & Employment

Many seniors contribute significantly to their communities. An age-friendly community provides opportunities for seniors to contribute through paid and/or volunteer work. An Age-friendly Civic Participation and Employment Checklist may include: Volunteering Options, Employment Options, Training, Accessibility, Civic Participation, Valued Contributions, Entrepreneurship and Pay.

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Communication & Information

Relevant and readily accessible information to seniors with varying capacities and resources is essential.  An Age-friendly Communication and Information Checklist may include: Information Offer; Oral Communication, Printed Information; Plain Language; Automated Communication and Equipment and Computers and Internet.

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Community & Health Services

Quality, appropriate, affordable and accessible health and support services are vital to maintaining the health and independence of seniors. An Age-friendly Community and Health Services Checklist may include: Service Accessibility, Offer of Services, Voluntary Support and Emergency Planning and Care.

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Seniors Advisory Committee

Committee Vision: that Barrie be recognized as a member of the WHO Global Network of Age-Friendly Cities.

In 2014 the City established a Seniors Advisory Committee to provide advice and recommendations to City Council concerning opportunities to make Barrie a more age-friendly community, and to enhance and develop our community so all seniors can be meaningful participants. The committee is made up of representatives of City Council, City staff, public and not-for-profit organizations representatives, and seniors living within the community.

The objectives of the Seniors Advisory Committee are to:

  • provide advice and recommendations to City Council concerning opportunities to make Barrie a more age-friendly community, focused on the services, roles and responsibilities within the City's jurisdiction related to housing, transportation, communications and civic participation
  • develop a work plan with specific actions to address the checklist developed by the WHO Age Friendly Cities Guide and submit an Annual Report to the Community Services Committee on Seniors Advisory Committee accomplishments  

Seniors Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public. Please visit The City of Barrie Legislative Portal to access agendas and minutes.

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