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Tax Rates & Fees

Council Motion 22-G-104​ established the tax rates to be used in determining the municipal portion of your 2022 property tax bill. The motion also established the tax due dates for the final two installments for all properties.

Avoid Interest Charges! Taxpayers are encouraged to pay their bills by the due date to avoid the 1.25% penalty and interest charge applicable to late payments. We suggest taxpayers explore the many payment options. If you missed a payment or were late and assessed a penalty, there will be a notation on your final bill in regards to account arrears.

The 2022 Tax Rate Chart includes the combined tax rate for both the municipal and education levy for 2022. For residential property taxpayers, the amount of your final tax bill is determined by using your property value assessment multiplied by the residential tax rate. The final bill is reduced by the amount billed on the interim tax billing. It is important to note that the amount deducted is not the amount paid, only the amount that was billed.

Please note there are additional fees related to property taxes that may be incurred.

Education Portion Rates

The rates for the education portion of residents' property tax bills are determined by the Provincial government and legislated under the Education Act. The portion of your bill relating to education is collected by the municipality on behalf of the Province but is remitted to public and separate school boards for the Barrie area. No portion of revenue collected for this purpose is retained by the municipality. The Tax Ratio By-law establishes the tax ratios used to determine the relative amount of taxation to be borne by each property class.

As an Ontario property owner, you are required to support a school system even if you do not have children. By default, your property taxes support the English public school board. However, you may be able to change the school board that your taxes support.

2022 Tax Ratios

Residential/farm property class 1.000000
Multi-residential property class1.000000
Commercial property class1.433126
Industrial property class 1.516328
Pipelines property class 1.103939
Farmlands property class0.250000
Managed Forests property class0.250000

2022​ Capping Threshold Parameters Used

All properties in the City of Barrie have exited the capping program, so there are no capping threshold parameters used for the 2022 tax year. 

2022 Tax-Related Fees

NSF/stop payment/returned cheque/funds not cleared charge (per incident)$45.00
Payment Redistribution Fee (after second occurrence)
Fee applies if a payment is to be transferred from one account to another. If you've moved or you have more than one property tax/water account, you must ensure all accounts have been individually set up for payments.
Tax Certificate (per property)
This is the most detailed tax report someone can order about a property. ​​
Tax Certificate (per property) 24-hour rush response $114.50
Duplicate Tax Bill, Statement or Receipt (per property, per year) $15.00
Tax Account Fee for Ownership Changes
If you've recently purchased, or transferred title, there is a fee to cover the costs associated with updating the tax roll. ​​You will be billed separately from your tax bill.
New Account Added to Tax Roll
If property is new to tax roll, you will incur a one-time fee to cover the costs associated with setting up the account.  You will be billed separately from your tax bill.
Mortgage Company Administration Fee (for mortgage company)
per property tax account to be invoiced biannually (interim & final tax bills)
Detailed Calculations for Tax Adjustments requested by other than property owner - per property$27.00
Administrative Charge
Any unpaid fee or charge that has been added to the tax roll for collection purposes. Charges added to the Tax Roll.
​Administrative Charge - City of Barrie Act
For collecting City of Barrie Act (1960) charges and issuing payment to developer.

​New Account Added to Water Billing System (for New Address)
The above figures are included in Schedule F of the 2022 Fees Bylaw. For Tax Sale Registration Process fees please refer to Schedule F​directly.

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