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Tax Billing Notices

This page contains information about the different tax billing notices issued by the City of Barrie.

Mailing Address for Notices

Tax billing notices are mailed to property addresses unless otherwise advised. If you would like these notices mailed to a different address, please complete and submit a Mailing Address Change Form. This will only change your mailing address with the City of Barrie. You must also provide mailing address changes to MPAC.   

Property Tax Billing & Installment Due Date Notice

Property taxes are billed by the City of Barrie twice per year: the interim bill and the final bill, with two payment installments due for each billing. If Tax Arrears appears on your tax bill it means that at the time of billing there will be an outstanding balance on the account.​ All payments must be received by t​​he City by the due date* to avoid late payment charges of 1.25% per month (calculated starting on the first day of each month payment is delayed).​

​​Inter​​im ​​​tax bill

​The interim bill is issued each January. Property owners who have taxes paid via their mortgage company, or who are on a pre-authorized payment plan, do not receive an interim tax bill.

The Municipal Act requires that your interim bill be based on 50% of your prior year taxes adjusted by any completed supplementary or assessment cancellations. The interim bill is an estimate because the City and Provincial Education tax rates are not yet confirmed (the final tax bill is adjusted to the current year tax rates).

Interim tax bills for 2022 include installment due dates of February 28 and April 29. See payment options.

Final tax bill

The final bill ​is issued each May and may arrive in mailboxes in early June. It is calculated using your assessed value and the Council-approved tax rates for the current year, less the interim bill amount.​ 

​Final tax bills for 2022 have installment due dates of June 30 and September 29. See payment options. ​

Property taxes are calculated based on the assessment value of your property, which is determined by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). If you have any concerns about your assessed value or classification, please refer to

Pre-Authorized Payment (PAP) Notification Letters

Pre-authorized payment (PAP) notification letters regarding property taxes are mailed each January to taxpayers registered on a monthly PAP plan. PAP notification letters function as a receipt for the previous year and specify the first five withdrawals for current year, from January to May. Those who receive a PAP notification letter do not receive an interim tax bill. There is a $15 fee for a replacement receipt (available by contacting Service Barrie​); it is recommended this letter ​be kept for your records.

Supplementary/Omitted Tax Billings

The City issues supplementary/omitted tax bills as per Property Assessment Change Notices, which are issued by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation​ (MPAC) for the following reasons:

  • a change to your property such as an addition, new construction or renovation.
  • MPAC assessed a structure on your property for the first time.
  • There was a change to your property’s classification.

Property tax dollars associated with any changes are retroactive to the date of occupancy or purchase, or when the renovation or alterations were completed. Payment for supplementary/omitted tax bills is typically due in one installment. 

Tax Arrears Notices

Tax Arrears notices are issued to property owners when payment due to the City has not been paid. Interest/penalty is calculated at a rate of 1.25% per month on the first day of each month payment is delayed. The notice outlines tax amount due, interest/penalty amounts, and payment options. Interest/penalty fees cannot be waived. Properties that are two or more years in arrears are eligible to be registered for tax sale.

FAQs re Tax Arrears Notices
I've paid my taxes in full. Why did I receive a tax arrears notice?

Tax arrears notices are automatically generated to any account with an overdue balance. In addition to overdue property taxes, other reasons for arrears include:

If your taxes were paid in full, it's possible that one or more of the above charges were added to the tax roll. Please contact Service Barrie at (705) 726-4242 or so a representative can review your account and provide you with full information.

I have moved from this property. Why am I getting this notice?

Please disregard the notice. Taxes will be updated and notices sent to the new owner once the ownership information has been received and updated.

I have already made this payment. What should I do?

The payment may have made around the time of arrears letters being generated and mailed. Please contact Service Barrie at (705) 726-4242 or so a representative can review the account history for payment. Please be prepared to supply proof of payment (ie cancelled cheque, online banking confirmation number) if requested.

My mortgage company pays the property taxes. Why am I getting this notice?   

Please contact your mortgage company to determine why payment was not made by the due date.


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