Facilities, Parks, & Outdoor Recreation Asset Management Plan

Asset Management Plan

The City is currently updating and enhancing its Asset Management Plans to ensure alignment with 2025 regulatory requirements and continued compliance.

The Asset Management Plan for Facilities, Parks, and Outdoor Recreation describes the actions required for the City to manage its parks, outdoor recreation, and facilities in a way that supports current service levels while managing risks and costs. The City of Barrie has been one of Canada’s fastest growing municipalities for the past several decades. Ensuring that this level of growth is managed in a sustainable, efficient, and financially responsible manner, while also taking care of the City's existing assets is central to the long-term health, prosperity, and well-being of the City and its residents.

The Asset Management (AM) Plan supports the City’s strategic priorities for responsible governance by establishing transparency and financial stewardship of the City’s limited resources to deliver services. The City’s priorities and goals of transparency and financial accountability while delivering services align with Ontario Regulation (O.Reg.) 588/17 Asset Management Planning for Municipal Infrastructure. The regulation requires municipalities to demonstrate financial sustainability through the AM Plan by identifying the forecasted expenditures to maintain current services levels.

This AM Plan fulfils year 2024 regulation requirements for parks, outdoor recreation, and facility assets. Facility and natural assets that are covered by other City AM Plans such as Water, Wastewater, Transit, and Stormwater are excluded from this AM Plan.

Watch the May 2023 presentation concerning the Facilities, Parks & Recreation AMP to the Infrastructure and Community Investment Committee: