Chief Administrative Office

Message from the CAO

Welcome to Barrie!

We are a vibrant, progressive community that values quality of life. Our more than 300 hectares of park space, beautiful waterfront, lively downtown core, and connections to our neighbours and the community, provide infinite possibilities to enjoy life year-round in Barrie.

With so much to offer residents and businesses alike, it’s no wonder our city is primed for another major growth spurt. The thought that our city of 150,000 will become 250,000 in about 15 years is exciting. We can’t wait to connect new businesses with fresh opportunities, provide more residents with employment prospects and welcome new community members.

Barrie is a vibrant, ever-changing community that embraces new and innovative ways of doing business. As we continue to be efficient and customer-focused, we move forward with implementing our Strategic Plan to improve our already great city. These priorities place importance on economic developmentresponsible spending, community inclusiveness and a well-planned transportation system. Projects such as Affordable HousingAnnexed Land Planning and infrastructure improvements in the Road Ahead are essential to our growing community.

As residents, business owners and visitors to Barrie, I invite you to stay connected with our City. From Facebook and Twitter to our weekly editions of This Week in Barrie, there are many opportunities for you to connect with the City and learn about the latest projects transforming our community.

As you take the time to learn more about our community, I hope you enjoy all that our city has to offer.

Michael Prowse
Chief Administrative Officer