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Advisory Committees

Barrie City Council has established numerous advisory committees to ensure opportunities for public input into community decision-making.

Meeting Cancellations: Council Advisory Committee meetings are cancelled until further notice out of precaution due to COVID-19.

The majority of Advisory Committees meet on a monthly basis. The schedule is available at and meetings are open to the public.

Accessibility Advisory Committee

Mandate:  “To champion issues related to the provision of an accessible community on behalf of all Barrie’s citizens.” 

Terms of Reference: Accessibility Advisory Committee

Accessible Customer Service Standard Presentation (Business Sector)

Additional Information

Active Transportation and Sustainability Committee

Mandate: "To promote and facilitate active transportation initiatives, to promote the protection, maintenance and awareness of the environment within the community and to provide advice concerning environmental policy, planning and sustainability."

Communities in Bloom Advisory Committee

Mandate: "To help facilitate the development of Barrie, in the Communities in Bloom National Municipal Beautification contest, with a focus on flowers, landscaping, gardens, beautification and environmental awareness."

Terms of Reference: Communities in Bloom Advisory Committee

Community Safety & Well-Being Committee

Mandate: "To develop a safety and well-being plan for the City of Barrie in accordance with the provisions of the Safer Ontario Act."

Terms of Reference: Community Safety & Well-Being Committee

Heritage Barrie

Mandate: "Responsible for establishing the criteria for the evaluation of properties of architectural or historical value and prepare and maintain a list of all properties worthy of conservation under the Heritage Act.  The Committee keeps up to date on all heritage conservation legislation and programs and recommends to Council programs worthy of consideration by the City.  It provides information to property owners about the preservation of heritage properties and supplies information about the conservation of such properties."

Terms of Reference: Heritage Barrie

The Committee generally meets at 7:00 p.m. on the first Tuesday of every month and members of the public is welcome to attend. Meeting agendas and minutes are posted when available.

Heritage Barrie focuses on local heritage matters including:

  • Recommending buildings to be listed on the Heritage Register to Council. 
  • Preparing and maintaining a list of all properties worthy of conservation under the Heritage Act.    
  • Staying up to date on all heritage conservation legislation and programs including:
    • Heritage Act
    • Planning Act
    • Official Plan’s Cultural Heritage policies
    • Local heritage stakeholders initiative
  • Recommending programs worthy of consideration to Council.  
  • Providing information to property owners about the preservation of heritage properties.  
  • Supplying information about the conservation of such properties. 
  • Making recommendations on alterations or demolition of designated or listed buildings.

Heritage Barrie works continually on many ongoing initiatives including:

  • Keeping Heritage Walking Tours up-to-date
  • Inviting, promoting and encouraging property owners to list non-designated properties on the Heritage Register
  • Selecting recipients for annual Heritage Awards from community nominations 
  • Sponsoring guided walking tours
  • Holding an annual Heritage Stakeholders meeting  
  • Initiating and developing the City’s Heritage Strategy
International Relations Committee

Mandate: "To co-ordinate and enhance the City of Barrie's relationships with international communities for the benefit of the social, economic, educational and cultural development of our citizens and our community.  The specific objectives are achieved through the work of the individual sub-committees".

Terms of Reference: International Relations Committee

Municipal Elections Compliance Audit Committee

Mandate: The powers and functions of the Municipal Election Compliance Audit Committee are established in subsection 81 of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996.

Terms of Reference: Municipal Elections Compliance Audit Committee

Order of the Spirit Catcher Award

Mandate: The Order of the Spirit Catcher Award Committee is responsible for review of all nominations for the Order of the Spirit Catcher Award and recommending recipient(s) of the Award.

Seniors Advisory Committee

Mandate: "To represent and provide advice on Barrie seniors' perspectives on municipal matters related to:

a) Seniors Housing and related planning matters;
b) Transportation; and
c) Communications and Civic Participation by seniors."

Terms of Reference: Seniors Advisory Committee

Related page: Age-Friendly City

Sport Events/Facilities Advisory Committee

Mandate:  To represent and provide advice on matters related to:

(a) The consideration of proposals by sports organizations/groups for new competitive/elite facilities, as well as new major sports events and tournaments; and

(b) The development of community partnerships with stakeholders such as Tourism Barrie, the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce, and the Barrie BIA related to the promotion of major sports events and tournaments within the community."

Terms of Reference: Sport Events/Facilities Advisory Committee

Do you have a proposal for a new competitive/elite facility or new major sports event/tournament?
Fill out a Facility/Event Opportunity Information Sheet and email it to to make a request to present to the Sport Events/Facilities Advisory Committee.
Town and Gown Committee

Mandate: "To develop and enhance relationships, communications, and policies between Georgian College students, the City and the community."

Terms of Reference: Town and Gown Committee

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