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HotSpot Parking App

The City partners with HotSpot to streamline parking within Barrie’s paid parking areas. Together, we provide convenient parking options. While we encourage everyone to use this app, all existing parking payment methods (pay stations, meters) remain available.

New​​​: ​Digital Waterfront Parking Permit​ through HotSpot ​

The Waterfront Parking Pass (currently in a hangtag format) is now available as a digital permit​ through the HotSpot app and website. ​​


HotSpot is available to download from Google Play and App StoreThe HotSpot parking app is available to use for:

Purchase Downtown Parking Passes 

Residents can purchase monthly downtown parking passes through the HotSpot app or The app sends a notification when a pass is expiring and offers the option to automatically renew. No hangtag required! 

How to buy your monthly downtown parking pass through HotSpot:

HotSpot App

The HotSpot app is available to download from Google Play and App Store.

  1. Create an account (if new to HotSpot) and add your preferred payment & set up vehicle, or log in to your existing account.
  2. Tap the 3 stacked lines icon and select “Purchase Early Bird” (next month) or “Purchase a Permit” (current month).
  3. Input City: Barrie > Location: Downtown. Select the Vehicle License Plate (plate associated to your pass), then select Yellow Monthly or Green Monthly Parking Pass.​
  4. Activate the auto-renew slide feature if desired, select quantity and check box for privacy confirmation. Follow prompts to purchase.
HotSpot Website

Visit HotSpot's website.

  1. Create an account (if new to HotSpot) and add your preferred payment & set up  vehicle, or log in to your existing account.
  2. ​Click on “Permits”, then choose “Acquire Permit for ___” (current month) or scroll down to choose “Acquire Permit for Next Month” (next month) and complete fields.​​
  3. Input Municipality: Barrie > Lot/Zone: Downtown > Permit > choose Yellow Monthly or Green Monthly then select Vehicle Licence Plate (plate associated to your pass). Select quantity. 
  4. Click the option “Would you like this permit to auto renew” if desired and check box for privacy confirmation. Follow prompts to purchase.
When it's past the halfway point for the month, monthly passes for the current month are no longer available to purchase as it’s better to purchase hourly/daily via HotSpot at this point in the month (watch How to Park with HotSpot for assistance). 


For hourly parking, the hourly downtown parking and waterfront parking rates apply, and HotSpot charges a $0.20 convenience fee (per parking session) to use the app for hourly parking. If you are a frequent parker, consider signing up for a $2 monthly or $20 annual membership to avoid paying the convenience fee on every parking session.

For downtown parking passes, there are no additional fees; you need only create a free account on either the app or to purchase passes. Applicable downtown parking pass rates apply to purchases. 


The HotSpot app will enhance your parking experience:

  • There's no need to carry cash or find nearest pay station.
  • You can extend parking sessions remotely from your phone. 
  • Any unused time can be refunded.
  • Contactless payment is safer for everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Contactless Payment

No more searching for change or finding the nearest pay station. With HotSpot, you can easily pay for am hourly parking session from the comfort of your vehicle, and purchase downtown parking passes without needing to visit locations in person.

Option to Purchase Downtown Parking Passes   

By purchasing your digital downtown parking passes through HotSpot, you don't risk losing a pass or having one stolen. You can also easily change the vehicle’s licence plate that is associated with your pass through the HotSpot app or website.

Parking Session Extensions

Running late from a meeting, appointment, or lunch date? HotSpot will send you a reminder to top up your parking session from your phone. Bonus – you avoid risking a parking ticket with no added fees.

Refunds for Unused Time

Can't check your phone to extend a parking session? No problem! You can refund unused parking time using HotSpot for future parking sessions.

Parking Ticket Payment Option

Received a parking ticket and want to take advantage of the early payment discount? Submit a picture of your ticket on the app and pay directly from your wallet balance. HotSpot will process the payment directly through the City's existing payment portal.

Customer Service

HotSpot's customer service provides frontline support for all account, technical, and payment concerns. HotSpot can be reached 24/7 by email and 8am–5pm weekdays by phone: or 1-855-712-5888.

HotSpot will forward all City-related matters directly to Service Barrie to ensure you receive a seamless experience.

Payment Options

MasterCard, VISA, and VISA Debit are accepted. Additional considerations for hourly parking payments are outlined below:

Wallet System & Convenience Fee

The app is uniquely designed to use a wallet system that reduces transaction fees. You can set up an account, deposit a minimum of $10, and use those funds to pay for parking sessions. A one-time convenience fee of $0.20 will be charged on each parking session which allows you to pay, top up time, and refund any unused time.


HotSpot offers monthly and annual memberships ($2/month or $20/year). Members do not pay the $0.20 convenience fee per hourly parking session and can use the HotSpot app in all participating locations (including Peterborough, Collingwood and Sudbury) at no additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use the HotSpot app to pay for parking?

No, meters and pay stations remain available to pay for parking. The parking app is meant to complement these existing options.

Can I use the HotSpot app for Barrie Transit and taxis?

No, parking is the only service available at this time.

Why can't I extend my parking session beyond the maximum time limit?

Most on-street downtown parking has a two-hour maximum time limit in order to drive turnover and increase availability of storefront parking spaces. For longer errands, please try using the nearest parking lot.

How do I know my data is safe?

The City worked with HotSpot to complete a Privacy Impact Assessment and ensure the app is set up to protect your data. Your personal data will not be shared or sold to third parties. If you are not comfortable paying electronically, you can still pay for parking using cash and/or credit at meters and some machines. For digital permits, images are automatically deleted from the system after an application is reviewed.

How does the City know if I have paid for parking?

Enforcement Officers have a tool that uses your licence plate to determine if you have paid for parking. To avoid a ticket, it is important that you select the vehicle you are currently driving when paying for a parking session, and make sure there are no typos when you enter your licence plate when setting up your account. You must follow all other traffic rules, such as maximum parking time limits.

Why do I need to load a minimum balance? 

The app is uniquely designed to use a virtual wallet system that reduces transaction fees for customers when you have a minimum $10 in your wallet. It also enables HotSpot to issue refunds if you return to your parking space early and end your session, and to avoid charging the user a convenience fee when they extend parking sessions.

Why should I sign up to be a member?

HotSpot's membership options mean members don't pay a convenience fee for every parking session. By signing up for a monthly or annual membership ($2/month and $20/year), frequent parkers will save money over time. Infrequent parkers do not have to a sign up for a membership and will be charged a $0.20 convenience fee for every parking session.

Can I use the HotSpot app at Georgian College?

No, because Georgian College uses a different parking app.

The HotSpot parking app is only available for use in City-owned paid parking areas.

Can I use the HotSpot app at RVH?

HotSpot is available for the City-owned paid on-street parking along Gallie Court and Quarry Ridge Road.

Parking in the lots at the hospital is RVH-owned and operated.

Is a hangtag required when purchasing my parking pass through HotSpot?

No hangtag is required. You will be emailed a receipt of your purchase which will include a list of eligible parking lots. The licence plate number that you assigned to your parking pass is what City enforcement will use to determine if you have paid for parking.   

How can I change the licence plate number I assigned to my digital parking pass?

You can easily switch the vehicle licence plate number from the HotSpot mobile app or website. Visit the “Permits” section to see the active monthly parking pass you purchased and follow the prompts to switch or add a vehicle licence plate number.

How does the app remind me when my pass is expiring?

When you are purchasing either the Yellow or Green monthly parking pass, you can select the auto-renew feature to automatically renew your parking pass each month. No more expired parking passes! If you choose to not select this feature, HotSpot will send you a reminder to purchase a new parking pass when your current parking pass is about to expire.

What downtown parking lots am I eligible to park at when I purchase either a Yellow or Green monthly parking pass?

When purchasing either a Yellow or Green monthly parking pass, before you finalize your purchase, a review screen will provide you with a listing of the eligible downtown lots.  When you finalize the purchase, you will also receive an email with the same lots listed. The municipal parking map also details the parking lots where passes are permitted.

Are in-person options to purchase passes still available?

Yes, monthly and annual downtown parking passes continue to be sold through Service Barrie, the Barrie Transit Terminal, select recreation centres and through the BIA.

When will the Waterfront Parking Pass be available digitally?

As of May 2, 2022, residents and non-residents can apply for the digital waterfront parking permit ​through the HotSpot app or website. 


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