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Water & Wastewater Rates

The water rate structure increases the cost of water as water consumption increases, giving everyone a financial incentive to reduce water consumption. Properties using septic tanks or wells, and some commercial properties, may qualify for exemptions.

2017 Residential Rates  (Per cubic metre) 
Previous Bi-Monthly Rates
based on a 60-day billing period
Current  Bi-Monthly Rates
Effective May 1, 2017
Bi-monthly Usage Water Wastewater Water Wastewater
0–30 m3   $0.9616 $1.3827  $0.9827 $1.4201
30–60 m3  $1.9233 $2.3507 $1.9656 $2.4142
60–90 m3 $2.8848 $2.3507 $2.9483 $2.4142
> 90 m3 $3.8464 N/A $3.9310 N/A
Fixed Charge* $24.38 $32.82 $24.92 $33.72
2017 General Service Rates (Per cubic metre) 
Previous Monthly Rates
based on a 30-day billing period
Current Monthly Rates
Effective May 1, 2017
Monthly Usage Water Wastewater Water Wastewater
0–15 m3 $0.9616 $1.3827 $0.9827 $1.3525
> 15 m3 $1.4425 $2.0743 $1.4742 $2.0288
Water & Wastewater fixed charges* (based on water service size)
13–19 mm $12.19 $16.41 $12.46 $16.86
25–32mm $30.47 $41.03 $31.15 $42.16
38mm $60.95 $82.06 $62.30 $84.32
50 mm $97.51 $131.31 $99.68 $134.92
75mm $213.31 $287.21 $218.05 $295.11
100mm $365.70 $492.48 $373.82 $506.02
150mm $761.85 $1,025.76 $778.77 $1,053.96
200mm $957.17 $1,312.97 $996.82 $1,349.07
250mm $1,401.82 $1,887.39 $1,432.94 $1,939.29
300mm $1,401.82 $1,887.39 $1,432.94 $1,939.29
* Fixed charges & water consumption are prorated to the actual number of billing days.

Water Billing Fees

New Account Fee $34.00 + HST
Final Meter Reading Fee $17.00 + HST
Dishonoured Payment Fee $41.00
Water Certificate Fee $70.00
Duplicate Water Receipt $12.00
Transfer Arrears to Property Tax $26.00 + HST
Water Arrears Shut Off Administration Fee $36.00 + HST  + Canada Post Registered Letter Fee
Water On/Off $91.50


There are three types of exemptions listed within the Water and Wastewater Billing By-law

Water Only Rate Exemption
Properties using a septic tank

The Water Only rate applies to those properties connected to the municipal drinking water system and that use an on-site wastewater system (e.g. septic tank and tiles or a holding tank).

  1. The owner must demonstrate that the property does not have a connection to the municipal wastewater works available and,
  2. The owner shall submit a completed Water Only application and fee, including wastewater system approval under Part VIII of the Environmental Protection Act, R.S.O. 1990 or its predecessors and,
  3. The Owner will, upon availability of wastewater connection, notify the City and the Water Only rate status will be discontinued.
  4. The City reserves the right to verify the continued validity of the Water Only rate status. 
Wastewater Only Rate Exemption
Properties using a well

The Wastewater Only rate applies to those properties connected to the municipal wastewater works that use a private water supply.

  1. The owner shall obtain the required permits and submit a Wastewater Only rate application and fee including a lot flow diagram to the Water Billing Branch and,
  2. The owner will provide a meter, approved by the Water Operations Department to measure water consumption for the calculation of wastewater charges.
  3. The meter installation shall be approved by the Water Operations Department. 
Class III Exemption
Commercial properties who redirect a minimum of 100m3 of water per month away from municipal wastewater works. e.g. Evaporative losses in HVAC systems, water consumed in product, irrigation & once through cooling water.

A Class III Exemption is available to Industrial, Commercial and/or Institutional water users who redirect a minimum of 100m3 of water per month away from the municipal wastewater works due to evaporative losses in HVAC systems, water consumed in product, irrigation and once through cooling water.

  1. For the purpose of this policy, multi-residential units using a single water supply will be considered as a commercial water user.
  2. Owners currently registered for a Class III Exemption for process relating to irrigation will be phased out over a period of five (5) years from the date of the enactment of this by-law. (October 1, 2011)
  3. To continue to be eligible for the Class III Exemption for process related exemptions and for the five (5) remaining years of the irrigation exemption program:

    i. Water returned to the municipal storm or wastewater works shall comply with current Sewer Use by-law limits.

    ii. All exemption meters or other measuring devices shall be provided and maintained by the applicant.  Failure to use approved water volume measuring devices that yield accurate readings will result in wastewater use charges according to the Fees By-law unless alternative consumption measurements are approved by the Director of Operations.

    iii. Applicant must ensure that all other legislative requirements are met and that all necessary permits have been obtained.
  4. The Class III exemptions for both process and irrigation reasons, will be automatically discontinues in the event of a change in ownership, tenancy or related plumbing system.  In the case of the process exemption, the new owner will need to re-apply to become eligible for the exemption.
  5. Applicants for this program shall submit a completed Class III exemption application, including the schematics of piping and metering to the Environmental Operations Centre.  Any proposed changes must be approved by the Environmental Operations Department.

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