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Downtown Parking

There are more than 2000 public parking spaces within walking distance to some of the best restaurants, shopping experiences, culture, and entertainment in beautiful downtown Barrie. The Municipal Parking Map details your parking options.

Parking in Barrie is becoming more sustainable, easier, and convenient. The 2020 Parking Strategy outlines how parking will evolve as Barrie continu​​es to transform.​​​​

Downtown ​​Parking Rates

Individuals displaying a valid Accessible Parking Permit or Disabled Person Parking Permit are always permitted to park for free in all municipal paid parking locations but are required to abide by any time limits that may apply to that location.

The following rates are enforced 9am–5pm, Monday to Friday. Downtown parking options are free on evenings, weekends and statutory holidays.

  • $1.50 per hour on-street 
    Note: on-street downtown parking is not permitted from 3am–6am December through March for winter maintenance
  • ​$1.25 per hour off-street, $7 daily max
    Exception: Collier Street Parkade at $1.50 per hour (no daily maximum)
  • 25¢ minimum payment (1-hour minimum for credit cards)

Hy​brid Lots

The Spirit Catcher, Lakeshore Drive and North Marina parking lots are considered "hybrid" ​parking lots as they are located near both ​the downtown and designated ​waterfront parking areas​. Parking rates in the​se lots are consistent with waterfront parking rates: $10/hour and $50/daily, 24/7/365​​. The Waterfront Parking Pass is not accepted​ in these lots.​​

Downtown Parking Passes

The municipal parking map details parking areas where monthly passes are permitted. 

Pass Rates​

Yellow Pass
​​Monthly: $66
Annually: $633.60
Green Pass
Also honoured in Yellow lots
Monthly: ​$82.50
Annually: $792​​​​​
Costs listed above do not include applicable taxes; taxes will be added at the point of purchase. ​The issuance of a pass does not ensure space will be available in the intended lot.​

Purchase Loc​​​ations

Passes are available to purchase at the following locations:

About the Collier Street Parkade

This parkade is a fully accessible, brightly lit, 7-level parking facility with over 300 public parking spaces and is located on Collier Street between Clapperton St. and Owen St. The parkade provides convenient access to both Collier St. and Dunlop St. and is within walking distance to Five Points Theatre, Presented by Pratt Homes & Development. Overnight parking is permitted in the parkade.

Parking Tips​

  • For quick trips or errands use our 2-hour on-street parking spots at $1.50 per hour.
  • For day trips or extended appointments, use one of our many convenient lots located throughout the downtown area at $1.25 per hour to a maximum rate of $7 per day.
  • Parking control devices will only accept quarters, loonies and toonies, with a quarter buying 12 minutes on-street and 15 minutes off-street (except for Collier Street Parkade).

Parking Restrictions in Nearby Residential Neighbourhoods

The 2020 Parking Strategy recommended the implementation of parking restrictions along affected streets to manage downtown parking demand spillover into residential neighbourhoods. Based on research, a distance of approximately 500 meters measured from the municipal parking system boundary is considered appropriate for defining the area in which these restrictions should be applied. Applying these restrictions in this area will dissuade most drivers looking for free long-term parking in these residential areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay my parking ticket online? 

Yes, you can pay parking tickets online using our Online Services

Where are the Downtown Municipal Parking lots located? 

Please review the Municipal Parking Map, which identifies the location of the parking areas/lots within Barrie's downtown.

What payment options are available when I park downtown? 

Payment may be made by coin at all on-street and off-street locations with credit card payments available at various locations. The City of Barrie is in the process of updating “pay & display” machines to make credit card payment more widely available. Monthly permits are also available for our off-street parking lots. Monthly permits are available for sale. Please contact Service Barrie at (705) 726-4242 or

Where are the locations of "pay & display" machines that accept credit cards? 

Credit card payment option is currently available at the following downtown parking locations: 

  • Bayfield St. West Lot – 1 machine
  • City Hall Parking Lot – 1 machine (5 hour maximum stay)
  • Clapperton St. Lot
  • Collier St. between Clapperton St. & Owen St. – 6 machines (2 hour maximum stay)
  • Collier St. Parkade – 16 machines, (long term parking)
  • Collier St. South side across from City Hall - 19 single space credit card meters, (2 hour maximum stay)
  • Dunlop St. West, North side between Mary St. and Bayfield St. – 2 machines, (2 hour maximum stay)
  • H-Block - 1 machine
  • Heritage Park Lots – 3 machines (long term parking)
  • Lakeshore Mews, behind Dunlop St. stores at the bottom of Mulcaster St. – 2 machines (long term parking)
  • Library Parking Lot – 1 machine, $1.00 per hour (long term parking)
  • McDonald St. - 3 machines
  • Simcoe St. East Lot - 2 machines
Which parking lots are 24-hour paid operations? 
Hybrid parking lots — the Spirit Catcher, North Marina, and Lakeshore Drive lots — and all waterfront parking areas are 24-hour, 7-days-a-week paid parking ($10/hour with a daily max of $50). Barrie's Waterfront Parking Pass is not accepted in hybrid lots.
Am I permitted to park for free if I have an Accessible Parking Permit or Disabled Person Parking Permit? 
Individuals displaying a valid Accessible Parking Permit or Disabled ​Person Parking Permit are permitted to park for free in all municipal paid parking locations but are required to abide by any time limits that may apply to that location.
Am I permitted to park for free if I have an Ontario veteran licenc​e plate? 
Vehicles that have an Ontario veteran license plate are permitted to park for free in all municipal paid parking locations but are required to abide by any time limits which may apply to that location.
Will parking lots in the downtown be redeveloped?

​Parking lots should only be redeveloped in strategic situations where the project will act as a catalyst for growth in the downtown because demand is projected to exceed effective supply in the year 2041. 

Maintaining municipal parking supply in central locations such as the Collier Street Parkade is essential to avoid future parking issues. The 'Parking Equilibrium Policy' was included in the draft of the new Official Plan to secure the ability to negotiate the replacement of municipal parking during redevelopment.

How do Barrie's parking rates compare to rates in other municipalities?

Parking rates in Barrie are moderate when compared to similar municipalities such as Burlington, Kingston and Oshawa.

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