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Engineering & Infrastructure Engineering Standards, Policies & Guidelines

Engineering Standards,
Policies & Guidelines

The City provides the following policies and standards as guidance for the design and installation of municipal infrastructure, as well as development applications.

The City reserves the right to update these documents, when necessary to account for changes to regulations, design practices and technologies. When revisions are made they will be posted to this website; it is the user’s responsibility to ensure they are using the current version.

The documents listed below can only improve with feedback from users. Please provide your feedback.

Technical Bulletins

Technical bulletins advise on forthcoming changes to City Standards and are to be treated as interim revisions to current City Standards and met where applicable.


Development Manual


Transportation Design Manual

Transportation Impact Study Guidelines

Roads Standards Drawings

General Notes Roadworks (BSD-N2)

18m Local Road Allowance – Residential (BSD-301)

20m Local Road Allowance – Industrial (BSD-302)

24m Minor Collector Road Allowance – Residential (BSD-303)

25m Minor Collector Road Allowance – Industrial (BSD-304)

27m Major Collector Road Allowance (BSD-305)

26m Arterial Road Allowance (BSD-306)

27m Arterial Road Allowance (BSD-307)

29m Arterial Road Allowance (BSD-308)

34m Arterial Road Allowance (BSD-309)

41m Arterial Road Allowance (BSD-310)

27m Rural Road Allowance (BSD-311)

36m Rural Road Allowance (BSD-312)

8m Laneway Road Allowance (BSD-313)

12m Laneway Road Allowance (BSD-314)

Typical 100mm Sub-drain Detail (BSD-315)

Concrete Sidewalk Ramps at Signalized Intersections with Intersecting Crosswalks (BSD-316)

Concrete Sidewalk Ramps at Signalized Intersections (BSD-317)

Concrete Sidewalk Ramps at Un-signalized Intersections (BSD-318)

Driveway and Entrance Detail (BSD-319)

Boulevard Pathway (BSD-320)

Bus Stop with Curb, Boulevard and Sidewalk (BSD-321) Rev. 2

Typical Bus Shelter Pad (BSD-322) Rev.2

Typical Daylighting Requirements Rev 2 (BSD-323)

Typical Intersection Semi-Urban 18m Radius - 36m-27m ROW (BSD-324)

Typical Intersection Semi-Urban 18m Radius - 27m-27m ROW (BSD-325)

Roundabout - Single Lane (BSD-326)

Roundabout - Two-Lane (BSD-327)

Sidewalk Ramps and Bike Lanes at Roundabouts (BSD-328)

Temporary Residential Cul-de-sac (BSD-329)

Typical Trench Restoration (BSD-330)

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Other Standards Drawing Index
Note: last revision was #12.2 and occurred in February 2006

Typical Title Pages (BSD-N1) Rev. #2

General Drawing Notes (BSD-N6) Rev. #3


Construction Entrance Mat (BSD-23D) Rev. #1

Topsoil or Spoil Pile Siltation Control (BSD-23E)

Typical Project Identification Sign (BSD-39) - Rev. #2

Unassumed Area Sign (BSD-40) - Rev. #2

Service Locations

Standard Residential Service Locations (BSD-25) Rev. #4

Standard Industrial/Commercial Service Locations (BSD-26) Rev. #1

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Water Transmission & Distribution​

Water Transmission and Distribution Policies and Design Standard - Updated August 2021.pdf

Tracer Wire Installation Standard

Approved Manufacturers
Water Transmission & Distribution Standards Drawings

General Notes – Watermain (BSD-500) Rev. #2

Copper Water Service Connection Detail 19mm & 25mm Diameter Sizes (BSD502) Rev.#2

Copper Water Service Connection Detail 38mm & 50mm Diameter Sizes (BSD-503)

25mm to 50mm Cross-Linked Polyethylene Water Service BSD-504 REV3 - updated August 2021.pdf

Typical Service Entry 100mm to 300mm Diameter Pipe (BSD-505)

Park Water Service and Irrigation Detail (BSD-506) Rev. #3

Standard Hydrant and Valve Installation (BSD-507)

Hydrant Platform Detail (BSD-508)

Pipe Bollard (BSD-509)

Temporary Riser Installation (BSD-510)

Valve Stem Extension in Valve Box (BSD-511)

Typical Restrained Watermain Ductile or PVC (BSD-512)

Typical Cul-De-Sac Watermain Design (50mm Dia. Copper Looping) (BSD-513)

Typical Insulation Design (BSD-514)

Tracer Wire Detail (BSD-515) Rev.#4 Updated January 2021​

50mm Blow Off Detail (BSD-516)

Direct Bury Air Release Valve For Watermain Up To 300mm Diameter (BSD-517)

Lowering Detail at New or Exist. Watermain Crossing Of New or Exist. Sanitary Sewer (BSD-518)

Lowering Detail of New or Existing Watermain Crossing New or Existing Culvert, Storm Sewer or Ditch (BSD-519)

Support for Watermains Larger Than 300mm Diameter (BSD-520)

Watermain Crossing Detail – Railway (BSD-521)

Watermain Crossing Detail – Road (BSD-522)

Typical Epoxy Coated Steel Pressure Reducing Valve Chamber (BSD-523)

Typical Precast Circular Chamber Details Over Existing Pipe (BSD-524) Rev. #2

Typical Two Piece Precast Rectangular Chamber Details for Watermains (BSD-525) Rev. #2

Flush Mounted Anode Station Test Station Installation (BSD-526​)

Typical Thermit Weld (BSD-527)

Flushmount Anode Typical Test Station Wiring Arrangement (BSD-528)

Typical Zinc Reference Electrode (BSD-529)

Anode Installation Typical Single AugerSingle Excavation (BSD-530)

Typical 14.5kg High Potential Magnesium Anode (BSD-531)

Water Meter Installation Package BSD-532.pdf (Rev. #3 updated May 2021)

Typical Meter Installation for Domestic Services Requiring By-Passes (BSD-533) Rev. #2

Temporary By-Pass Connection for Watermains (up to 400mm) (BSD-534)

Watermain Connection from Hydrant (for Watermains up to 200mm) (BSD-535)

Typical Meter Installation Bulk Metering Above Ground Enclosure Structure (BSD 536​)

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Sanitary Sewage Collection

Sanitary Sewage Collection System Policies and Design Guidelines

Sanitary Design Sheets
Sanitary Standards Drawings

Sanitary Sewers (BSD-N3) Rev. #4, (BSD-N4) Rev. #2

Sanitary Sewer Design Sheet - Level 1 (SAN1)

Sanitary Sewer Design Sheet - Level 2 (SAN2)

Sanitary Sewer Design Sheet - Level 3 (SAN3)

Maintenance Hole and Catch Basin Grade Adjustment Units (BSD-41) Rev. #2

PVC Inside Drop Sewer Service Connection (BSD-15A) Rev. #3

PVC Inside Drop Sewer Maintenance Hole (BSD-15B) Rev. #4

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Storm Drainage & Stormwater Management

Storm Drainage & Stormwater Management Policies & Design Guidelines

​Related documents: Appendix I

Low Impact Development Interim Guidance Document

Storm Drainage & Stormwater General Drawings

Storm Sewers General Notes (BSD-N5) Rev. #4

Foundation Drain Outlet Sump Pump to Storm Sewer at Surface (BSD-75A)

Foundation Drain Outlet Sump Pump to Storm Sewer (BSD-75B)

Foundation Drain Outlet Sump Pump to Surface (BSD-76)

Outlet Structures Typical Detail Wet Pond Facility With Maintenance Pipe (BSD-77)

Outlet Structure Typical Detail Wetland Facility Without Maintenance Pipe (BSD-78)

Temporary Outlet Structure Typical Detail (BSD-79)

SWM Grading and Water Level Criteria (BSD-80)

Forebay Dewatering Sump Detail (BSD-81)

Outlet Erosion Protection Typical Detail (BSD-82)

Stormwater Management Pond Warning Sign (BSD-83)

Double Catch Basin, 45o Offset to Curb line (BSD-16) Rev. #1

Typical Single Gabion Drop (BSD-18) Rev. #1

Typical Granular; Erosion Control Device (BSD-23B) Rev. #2

Temporary Sediment Basin and Outlet Details (BSD-23C) Rev. #1

Maintenance Hole and Catch Basin Grade Adjustment Units (BSD-41) Rev. #2

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Roadway Illumination & Traffic Signals

Roadway Illumination Policies and Design Guidelines

Approved Manufacturers
Roadway Illumination Standards Drawings

Roadway Lighting Duct Installation at Utility Crossing (BSD-800)

Roadway Lighting Duct Installation in Existing Paved Area (BSD-801)

Underground Rigid Duct Connection at Concrete Structure (BSD-802)

Electrical Vaults Entry of Encased Ducts (BSD-803)

Electrical Handhole General Installation Requirements (BSD-804)

Electrical Handhole Entry of Direct Buried and Encased Ducts (BSD-805)

Electrical Handhole Precast Concrete – 600mm x 600mm (BSD-806) RETIRED

Prefabricated Service Box Assemblies (BSD-807) RETIRED

Typical Loop and Street Lighting Junction Box(BSD-808) RETIRED

Electrical Handhole Installation in Slope (BSD-809)

Supply Control Cabinet Installation Overhead Services Bottom Entry (BSD-810)

LS3M Supply Control Cabinet Assembly Type 3M 12O/240V, 100A, 1-Phase, 3-Wire (BSD-811)

LS3M Supply Control Cabinet Assembly Type 3M Equipment List (BSD-812)

LS3M Supply Control Cabinet Assembly Type 3M Enclosure (BSD-813)

LS3M Supply Control Cabinet Assembly Type 3M Dead Front Panel (BSD-814)

LS3M Supply Control Cabinet Assembly Type 3M Door Latch (BSD-815)

LS3M Supply Control Cabinet Assembly Type 3M Instrument Layout (BSD-816)

Power Supply (42") Pedestal and Base Assembly (BSD-817)

Galvanized Octagonal Steel Pole, Base Mounted (BSD-818)

Pole Mounting Details for Base Mounted Metal Pole (BSD-819)

Metal Lighting Pole Base Mounted (BSD-820)

Concrete Footing for Base Mounted Pole (BSD-821)

Aluminum Combination and Streetlight Pole Base Mounted (BSD-822)

Anchorage Assembly (BSD-823)

Local Grading at Pole Foundations (BSD-824)

Pole Wiring Diagram 12DV System (BSD-825)

Decorative Concrete Pedestrian Pole, Direct Buried (5.49m) (BSD-826) Rev. #2

Decorative Concrete Pedestrian Pole, Direct Buried (5.49m) (BSD-827) Rev. #2

Decorative Concrete Pole, Direct Buried (8.38m) (BSD-828) Rev. #2

Decorative Concrete Pole, Direct Buried (8.38m) (BSD-829) Rev. #2

Installation of Direct Buried Poles in Slopes (BSD-830)

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Traffic Signals Standards Drawings

460mm Dia. Pole Base to fit 3.7m POWCO Steel Pole (BSD-TS-1A)

600mm Dia. Pole Base to fit 6.1m POWCO Steel Pole in Median Island (BSD-TS-1B)

762mm Dia. Pole Base to fit 6.1m, 7.3m & 9.1m POWCO Steel Pole (BSD-TS-1C)

Typ. Traffic Signal Controller Concrete Pad Detail (BSD-TS-2)

Remote Antenna Mounting Detail (BSD-TS-3)

Aerial Cable Attachment Detail (BSD-TS-4)

Traffic Signal Equipment on Steel Poles (Buried Installation) (BSD-TS-5)

Mounting Details for Controller Cabinet on Wood or Concrete Poles (BSD-TS-6)

Traffic Signal Head on Vertical Bracket Mounting Detail (BSD-TS-7)

Elevator Plumbizer Attachment Detail (BSD-TS-8)

Temporary Mast Extension Detail (BSD-TS-9)

Integrated Dome Closed Circuit T.V. Camera Mounting Detail (BSD-TS-10)

Typical Traffic Signal Wiring for Pedestrian Equipment (BSD-TS-11)

Audible Pedestrian Signal Mounting Detail (BSD-TS-12)

Installation Detail for Optical Pre-emption Detector (BSD-TS-13)

Typical Buried Power Supply Mounting Detail (BSD-TS-14A)

Typical Aerial Power Supplies (BSD-TS-14B)

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Parks Standards Drawings

Standard Park Sign (BSD-1300)

Park Safety and Regulations Sign (BSD-1301)

Future Open Space – Park Block Sign for Development Sites (BSD-1302)

Site Alteration Notification Template (BSD-1237)

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Fences & Gates

Acoustic Fence (BSD-1200)

Acoustic Fence Slope Accommodation (BSD-1201)

Acoustic Gate Side Lot Return (BSD-1202)

Acoustic Fence Masonry Column (BSD-1203)

Residential to Residential Reverse Lot Frontage Fence (BSD-1204)

Board on Board Residential to Residential Fence (BSD-1205)

Overlapping Board Residential to Residential Fence (BSD-1206)

Residential to Residential Board Fence Slope Accommodation (BSD-1207)

Non-Residential to Residential Fence (BSD-1208)

1.25m Chain Link Frontage Return Fence (BSD-1209)

1.52m Chain Link Parking Fencing (BSD-1210)

1.80m Chain Link Stormwater Facility Fencing (BSD-1211)

Tennis Court Chain Link Fence REV 2 (BSD-1212)

Typical Walkway and Barrier (BSD-1215)

Vehicular Control Gate (BSD-1216)

Timber Bollard Detail (BSD-1217)

Siltation Control Fencing (BSD-1233)

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Play Areas, Trails, Pathways & Walkways

Typical Play Area and Walkway Layout/Section (BSD-1270)

Typical Play Area Curb and Drainage Detail (BSD-1271)

Typical Park Walkway Section with Centre Crown REV 2 (BSD-1272)

Typical Park Walkway Section with Cross Slope REV 2 (BSD-1273)

Park Walkway Lighting Assembly and Ductbank REV 2 (BSD-1350)

Typical Park Walkway and Morality Lighting Electrical Pedestal REV 2 (BSD-1351)

Trail and Pathway Construction Matrix (BSD-1274)

Typical Streetscape Pavingstone Detail (BSD-1360)

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Pipe Wire Trenching for Irrigation (BSD-1285)

Manual Drain Installation for Irrigation (BSD-1286)

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Sports Fields & Courts


Baseball Infield Layout with Backstop and Fencing (BSD-1260)

Baseball Field Layout (BSD-1261)

Baseball Field Preferred Grading (BSD-1262)

Baseball Backstop Detail (BSD-1263)

Baseball Pitching Mound and Infield Mix Detail (BSD-1264)


Basketball Full Court Layout (BSD-1291)

Basketball Court Profile (BSD-1292)

Basketball Net Assembly Installation (BSD-1293)

Basketball Half Court Layout (BSD-1294)


Softball Infield Layout with Backstop and Fencing (BSD-1255)

Softball Field Layout (BSD-1256)

Softball Field Preferred Grading (BSD-1257)

Softball Backstop Detail (BSD-1258)


Tennis Court Chain Link Fence (BSD-1212)

Tennis Court Layout (BSD-1250)

Tennis Court Surface and Net Post Detail (BSD-1251)

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Trees & Planting Zones

General Park Planting Notes (BSD-1320)

Tree Removal Notification Template (BSD-1230)

Tree Preservation Area Template (BSD-1231)

Tree Preservation Fencing (BSD-1232)

Limit of Tree Protection for Activities on Municipal Right-of-Ways (BSD-1234)

Limit of Tree Preservation for Development Approvals (BSD-1235)

Tree Hoarding Detail for Activities on Municipal Right-of-Ways (BSD-1236)

Deciduous Tree Planting Detail (BSD-1310)

Deciduous Tree Planting on Slope (BSD-1311)

Coniferous Tree Planting Detail (BSD-1312)

Coniferous Tree Planting on Slope (BSD-1313)

Container Grown Shrub Planting Detail (BSD-1314)

Street Tree Layout (BSD-1315)

Streetscape Boulevard Tree Planting Notes (BSD-1321)

Live Staking Planting Detail (BSD-1317)

Stormwater Planting Zone Composition (BSD-1318)

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Lot Grading & Drainage

Lot Grading and Drainage Standards and Design Manual

Lot Grading Standard Drawings

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